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Dhokha: All you should know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Muzammil Ibrahim and Tulip Joshi feature in Dhokha, a 2007 Indian Bollywood action thriller helmed by Pooja Bhatt and featuring Muzammil Ibrahim and Tulip Joshi. The movie, which was produced by Mukesh Bhatt and also has music by M. M. Keeravani, follows a moderate Indian Muslim officer that comes up to find that his wife, who was just murdered in a bomb explosion, is suspected of becoming a suicide attacker who killed 20 people inside the club. This movie is based on Yasmina Khadra’s book The Attack.

The Plot of the movie– Dhokha

Inspector Zaid Ahmed (Muzammil Ibrahim) is on duty when he receives word that a mall has been bombed. Sara Khan (Tulip Joshi), Zaid’s wife, was discovered to be the suicide bomber after an inquiry. Zaid finds witnessing his wife’s dead body difficult to comprehend and pretends to have dumped her off at the bus stop. Zaid gets called off duty momentarily by ATS Chief Raj Mehra (Gulshan Grover) after being examined by the ATS (Anti Terrorism Squad), but maintains his position that his wife can not be the terrorist responsible.

One day, he obtains a DVD inside the mail with his wife’s dying testimony in which she admits that she is the terrorist’s perpetrator. Zaid decides to pay a visit to Sara’s grandpa, Saeed Noor Bux, since he can’t believe whatever he’s witnessed (Anupam Kher).

When Saeed first meets him, he tells him a disturbing storey. Sara’s father had been detained and assaulted by the local police because he was suspected of terrorist activity. He passes away during the interrogation. The police conceal his body, claiming that he fled to Pakistan and was convicted of terrorism.

When Saeed reports the event to higher authorities, the Inspector arrests Sara, her brother Daanish (Abhay Sachar), and himself, and forces them to sign a statement stating that they do not wish to pursue the matter. They create naked films of Sara when she refuses.

After forcing Saeed to sign the statement, the inspector (Ashutosh Rana) sends Saeed and Daanish home and rapes Sara in a cell. Sara and her brother begin to encounter a Molvi (Islamic Preacher) (Munish Makhija) as a result of this tragedy, who persuades them to lay down their lives by killing non-Muslims. Sara was the league’s first player, but her brother, whose been gone for a month, may follow her.

Zaid is appalled by this storey and sets out to find Sarah’s brother Danish, only to discover him as he prepares to blow himself up in a few days. He discovers the Molvi behind this as a result of following him, and he confronts him with harsh words.

Later on, he is given a video of Daanish taking responsibility for a future bombing. Molvi’s men promise Zaid that they will let him free after the explosion the next day, but he resists them and flees to pursue Daanish. Daanish is ready to make a final call to his grandfather when Zaid meets him at the station and tells him that he will seek justice for Sara and their father. Daanish gives in and embraces Zaid Dhokha.

Zaid’s rank has been restored, and he has returned to service. He then goes on to explain to the top cops how they push terrorists to be born simply because they are unable to provide them with justice.

The dishonest Inspector is eventually apprehended and punished.

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