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What does Korean drama BTS watch?

by Ratan Srivastava
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You complete a really fantastic Korean drama, you laugh, weep, mush, blush, and then it’s done. You’re heartbroken because you binge-watched their favourite K-dramas over countless cups of hot ramyeon as well as kimchi and now you’ll never be able to relive the experience. Shock, numbness, fury, bargaining, agony and hurt, tears, the upward turn, acceptance as well as hope, and eventually, a new K-drama!

We’ve all gone through the phases of sorrow and loss depicted in K-dramas: resistance, acceptance, a fresh glimmer of hope (new K-dramas Oppa! ), and eventually moving on. But first, we have to suffer through the agony of choose which K-drama to watch next! Just on internet, among your friends, and then in your Whatsapp groups, there are a plethora of recommendations. Do not even worry, we’ve got you beat with fantastic K-drama suggestions from us and your favourite K-pop idols. Continue reading to find out.


BTS members are big fans of K-dramas, and they take some time out of their hectic schedules to watch them. They also give ARMY a lot of recommendations. BTS members RM as well as Suga were major fans of Sky Castle, a 2018 blockbuster Korean drama. RM encouraged his bandmates and the ARMY to watch the intense drama, and Suga even admitted that RM wouldn’t allow him complete the last episode! Sweet Home, a 2020 horror film, was also recommended by RM. Not only that, but on his birthday V-live, J-Hope suggested that ARMY watch When The Camellia Blooms and Crash Landing On You, two of his particular favourites. BTS’ V, who also appeared in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, advised everyone to watch Park Seo Joon’s drama Itaewon Class, which he co-wrote. ARMY should see Hotel Del Luna, according to Jungkook.


On Knowing Bros., Lisa and Rosé of BLACKPINK talked about their passion for Guardian: The Lonely as well as Great God aka Goblin. Lisa even admitted that Gong Yoo, the starring male in the film, is her celebrity infatuation as well as ideal type. The maknaes of BLACKPINK have seen the drama several times and strongly recommend it to everyone.

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