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How many fans does the kpop group Solia have?

by Ratan Srivastava

The internet was astonished and perplexed when news of Solia’s disbandment was made public, given the Kpop group had only debuted five days ahead of the announcement.

The five-member girl group announced their disbandment on its official Instagram account on August 22, 2021.

As word of Solia’s future spread, members of the K-pop community rushed to social media to share their feelings on the group’s brief existence.

Solia was indeed a five-member Space Music Entertainment K-pop girl group. Heo Yu Jin as well as K-pop groups HI CUTIE as well as Like Me are now signed to the label. Solia made their debut on August 17, 2021, well with track Dream.

Soyeon, Soree, Suna, Hayeon, as well as Eunbi were the founders of Solia. Soyeon and Soree used to be members of both the dance performance group “Remember” before joining Solia. Suna, Hayeon, and Eunbi were members of both the female group SIOSIJAK, which was managed by Good Dream Entertainment until it disbanded.

Solia’s official Instagram account posted a new post on August 22, 2021, announcing the group’s disbandment. The reasons behind the decision also weren’t disclosed, although it is thought that perhaps the corporation lacked the necessary money to govern the group.

The message encouraged supporters to stick with the group as well as support them no matter where they go when Solia ends.

When the news reached K-pop fans all around the world, they expressed their support for such members while also criticising the corporation.

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