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Star Trek 4 will reunite Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

by Ratan Srivastava
Star Trek

After almost six years after the previous Star Trek film, the series’s producers are finally bringing the iconic sci-fi genre back to life, starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, with the original actors expected to reprise their roles.

Variety reports that Paramount Pictures is in talks with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Simon Pegg to return to the Enterprise for a fourth tour of duty in the sci-fi action franchise. Franchise director J.J. Abrams made the news on February 15 during the Paramount Investors Day Presentation.

“We are thrilled to say that we are hard at work on a new ‘Star Trek’ film that will be shooting by the end of the year that will be featuring our original cast and some new characters that I think are going to be really fun and exciting and help take ‘Star Trek’ into areas that you’ve just never seen before,” J.J. Abrams said.

“We’re thrilled about this film, we have a bunch of other stories that we’re talking about that we think will be really exciting, so can’t wait for you to see what we’re cooking up. But until then, live long and prosper,” he added.

The “picture never materialised, though, as Paramount apparently couldn’t strike a deal with Pine and Hemsworth,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Including some of the studio’s most popular franchises, debuted in 2009 with J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek, starring Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Bones, Sulu, and Scotty playing their respective famous roles as Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Bones, Sulu, and Scotty. The performers reappeared in two sequels, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness from 2013 as well as Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond from 2016.

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