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How do you find an actual celebrities phone number and have them?

by Ratan Srivastava

Diddy urges you to send him a text message. Paul McCartney, Sophia Bush, and Marshmello all agree. Many celebrities, as well as influencers, have begun publishing phone numbers on Instagram, Twitter, as well as YouTube in recent months, urging admirers to contact them.

“I’m sitting here thinking, I’m about to enter this new chapter of my life and I’m going to be doing a lot of wonderful things, a lot of disruptive things, a lot of things I really don’t want anybody to know about,” Diddy said in an IGTV video broadcast on Oct. 2. “Everyone knows everything on the ‘Gram.” “I’d like to have a stronger bond with my fans.”

He said that he had a private phone number set up for his family, friends, and closest admirers, and he requested that they text it to keep in touch.

“When I get to your city, I’ll be able to punch you right in the face.” I’ll be answering phones, receiving resumes, and providing party information. “All I’m going to do is give out my phone number,” he added. Before publicising the number 917-746-1444, Diddy promised to send text messages with “special unique material” on “earning money,” “vibrations,” and “inspiration.”

Expect to be friends but not best pals. When you text these numbers, you’ll usually get a torrent of automatic updates. I received many messages full of incoherent words and a photo after sending Ashton Kutcher a message in July.

Is this their actual phone number?

Unless it was a mistake, the phone numbers celebrities are providing are not their personal mobile numbers. Most likely, they’ve partnered with Community, a Los Angeles-based digital startup that has funded $35 million to assist businesses, celebrities, as well as other high-profile clientele handle mass messages. As per a spokeswoman, the corporation is not actively dealing with lawmakers.

Community arose from Matthew Peltier as well as Josh Rosenheck’s prior firm, Shimmur, which they started in 2014. Shimmur was supposed to have been a Reddit-like mobile app where users would create and submit content about their favourite YouTubers as well as influencers, as per TechCrunch.

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