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Is there any red-headed actresses in Outer Banks the TV show?

by Ratan Srivastava
Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a new YA series from Netflix which will take you on such an adventure. Things get crazy inside the Outer Banks when the island’s two separate groups go head to head inside this Riverdale crosses On My Block series.

Whereas the Pogues upon that OBX are merely trying to get off the island, the Kooks are doing everything they can to stay on top. When a gang of Pogues discovers a hidden clue that might lead to a large treasure, a confrontation between the two groups ensues. Whether you’re a fan of the Pogues or the Kooks, you’ll want to encounter the talented folks behind the scenes who are bringing your new favourite characters to life.

The cast but also characters of Netflix’s Outer Banks are listed below.

John B. is played by Chase Stokes.

The group of Pogues is led by John B., who is the de facto leader. After his father’s death leaves daniel an orphan, he discovers a mysterious clue left for him by his father, which takes him here on strangest treasure hunt OBX world has ever known. Chase Stokes has participated on the shows Daytime Divas and Tell Me Your Secrets in the past. Inside the TV version of One of Us is Lying, he will play TJ Forrester.

“She’s a little like the OBX’s queen bee. She’s a princess of the Kooks, if you will. Her family, particularly her father, is well-known in the community. Despite the fact that she lives in a very Kook-y environment with lots of parties and extremely nice, boujee things, she doesn’t feel entirely at home “Madelyn told Seventeen exclusively. “There’s a part of her that doesn’t feel like she fits in there with the person she’s supposed to be. And that’s the type of trip she takes throughout the show.”

Madelyn previously played Jessica on The Originals, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. After portraying Tina in season one of Stranger Things, this is her second Netflix appearance.

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