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In which movie was the song I believe is time for me to fly was used?

by Ratan Srivastava

REO Speedwagon’s song “Time for Me to Fly” was released as that of the second single out from album You Can Tune a Piano, However You Can’t Tuna Fish in 1978. It took 10 years to write and also was penned by lead vocalist Kevin Cronin. The song debuted at number 56 upon that Billboard Hot 100, then after being featured in Netflix’s Ozark, it rose to number 34 upon that Digital Songs list. The song also charted at number 90 in Canada. The song does have an 81-beats-per-minute BPM as well as a 4/4 time signature. “Melodic vocals and acoustic guitar work…enveloping chorus and…catchy lyric,” Cash Box said.

The song was also sung by Dolly Parton on their 1989 album White Limozeen.

REO Speedwagon’s home state of Illinois repurposed the song for such a tourism promotion in 2021, dubbed “Time for Me to Drive.”

Kevin Cronin, the band’s lead vocalist, penned this track about being ready to move on from a relationship, despite the fact that it would be painful. He revealed the storey while behind song in an interview with Songfacts: “I was over over heels in love with my first love, a lady I met in high school.” But there came a time when I realised I needed to move on but didn’t would like to since I was linked to her. I knew it wasn’t functioning, so I moved to Colorado to create some space between myself and the situation.

When I arrived, I noticed a guitar upon that porch of a buddy of mine. When I tried to play it, it sounded terrible. I saw that it’s in a different tune, so I just fiddled around on it. At Woodstock, I recalled Richie Havens. ‘I’ll try that,’ I thought as he played, wrapping his thumb over the neck area. That’s exactly what I did, and it sounded great.

That’s what happens a majority of valuable time: you find something that you like on the guitar, and afterwards the emotions you’re experiencing become tied to that music, that’s where the songs originate from.”

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