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Why do BTS have haters?

by Ratan Srivastava
BTS have haters

With so many BTS fans all over the world, it’s no surprise that they’ve started calling themselves BTS Army. And it emerges as a major shock there are people that hate BTS and find reasons to Absolutely loathe BTS. However, the question of Why Does People Hate BTS is not one that only the haters seek answers to. In fact, even the BTS army starts to wonder Why then do People Despise BTS to be recognised with the way the world works just to see if there that’s any credence to the Purposes to Strongly dislike BTS or BTS have haters.

Bangtansonyeondan is a Korean name (BTS)

That was one of the first reasons given by BTS detractors as to why they despise the group. They felt this was not a title that would gain their success, and also that the group would most likely disband due to their moniker. The title translates literally to “Bulletproof scouts who shield kids from discrimination and pressure,” which as the critics thought was humorous or out of place inside the pop scene with titles like EXO and other fashionable names. Notwithstanding these erroneous assertions, this Kpop group now is recognized as BTS and it is the most famous Kpop boys band in history.

Big Bang and BTS

Sometime in the middle of the BTS’ propelling career came a new proposition as to why to hate BTS with a new reason to hate BTS. Though there were many reasons to hate BTS that came before this. It seemed to be a reason to despise BTS that seem making threats towards the pop group. Many detractors started to assert that BTS or other bands, Big Bang, are similar. There were even claims that BTS was trying too hard to be Big Bang. This became yet another reason to hate BTS that they latched onto. But anyone who has listened to BTS and Big Bang will surely know that there is nothing similar between these two bands.

BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Now that these haters have nothing to latch their reasons to hate BTS and have no answer for why do people hate BTS they began turning their attention to BTS music. Yet another futile mission at making people believe why do people hate BTS and trying to come up with another reason to hate BTS. This reason for the hatred for BTS argues the group’s music isn’t all that great and because practically all of their tracks sound the same. While criticising BTS’ music, people also claim the RM’s rap isn’t as excellent as rap and that doesn’t seem like rap.

BTS – Girlish

This is another claim that a substantial number of people have noticed and came out together with, despite the fact that this was not widely accepted. In which BTS seems feminine. This accusation and cause to despise BTS may have some merit, as the BTS has been proven to have a gentler side and wear more feminine accoutrements. We dwell in a patriarchal environment that emphasises masculinity. However, shattering stereotypes and refusing to comply with the standards must become our truth, and BTS is just one of many who really are opening the way for this to happen. In reality, by portraying themselves as girly, they are living up to their moniker, which is “Bulletproof scouts who shield youngsters against discrimination and pressure.”

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