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Who owns Harry Potter?

by Ratan Srivastava
Harry Potter

Fiction is among the finest worlds for children and adults to engage in because it enables people to enter a world where they will have nothing to lose that can have experiences that noone can; this is a world where everything is conceivable, where conjecture is their friend. It’s entertaining to speculate on what this will do to us by the end of the novel or film. The imaginary universe of Harry Potter is among the greatest.

There isn’t a single person just on the face of the earth who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter. There really are legions of admirers who’ve already read each book as well as faithfully attended screenings of the film.

They were always tolerant of the writer’s efforts to provide them with a universe in which they could investigate and engage. This exertion has garnered widespread praise and decided to bring huge amounts of money to the franchise’s stakeholders.

The franchise is considered as being one of the greatest as it has remained faithful to the original material. The volumes were recognised as being one of the finest series of novels, and they’re always worth revisiting. People that enjoy the program and wish to reminisce about the past read the novels.

Production Rights

The franchise’s production rights had also shifted from industry to industry in recent times, with Warner Bros. owning the privileges till 2018, when NBCUniversal purchased them, as well as any prospective film or television show based on the characters, will indeed be pertaining to all of them and supervised by people, and as such the production rights presently belong to NBCUniversal.

Previously, Warner Bros. produced the very first eight films. It’s why they still own the copyrights to such films. In a nutshell, NBCUniversal owns the franchise’s future production rights.

Gaming Rights

Whereas the movies created by Warner Bros. are all still owned as well as copyrighted by them, it cannot be distributed under another company’s banner or have their copyrights asserted by anybody else. NBCUniversal will oversee the production of future series that have been promised in recent times.

Electronica Arts were the first to produce and sell the Harry Potter games. The rights were still controlled by Warner Bros. Nonetheless, following the games’ popularity, the licences were restored to Warner Bros.’ game firm Portkey Games, which has been created exclusively again for Harry Potter games.

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