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Who is Jesse James Hollywood?

by Ratan Srivastava
Jesse James Hollywood

Nicholas Markowitz was kidnapped and murdered in 2000 by Jesse James Hollywood, an American former heroin dealer. He was apprehended in 2005 and also is currently incarcerated in the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, California, where he has been serving a life sentence without the possibility of release. Jesse James Hollywood was born in West Hills, a suburb inside the western San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, California, to Jack as well as Laurie Hollywood.

He used to play inside a junior baseball league as a kid. In Woodland Hills, California, Hollywood joined Pinecrest Woodland Hills, wherein he shined in reading and baseball. He also made great friends with that other student from a rich family at this school, as well as the two of them formed a duet known as “The Pros.” They were frequently spotted wearing baggy pants well with name spray painted down the legs, and so was the trend at the period. Inside the mid-1990s, his father relocated the family to Colorado in an effort to open a restaurant, however returned to West Hills in 1995.

When he was in El Camino Real High School, Hollywood additionally played baseball.

He began power lifting and consuming muscle supplements throughout his adolescent years in order to increase his muscular bulk.

His coach subsequently described him as a “emotional youngster” who was expelled for a violent outburst directed for one of his professors at the conclusion of his sophomore year. He transferred to Calabasas High School, where he was a member of the varsity baseball team till he was forced to retire due to back and leg injuries.

Investigators suspect he began selling illicit substances a year before ordering Nicholas Markowitz’s murder. He enlisted the help of his former high school buddies William Skidmore, Brian Affronti, Benjamin Markowitz, and Jesse Rugge to distribute opiates for him and establish a lucrative illegal drug enterprise. He as well as Benjamin Markowitz had already been close friends since they were both in the same youth baseball team and went to the very same Malibu, California gym to train.

Nicholas Markowitz was abducted on August 6, 2000, by Hollywood and several of his team, notably Jesse Rugge and William Skidmore. Nicholas was the half-brother of Ben Markowitz, who, as per the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, owes Hollywood $36,000 in cocaine debt. The plan was to use Nicholas as just a bargaining chip to convince Ben Markowitz to pay the bill. Nicholas was kidnapped and transported to Santa Barbara, where he was imprisoned for three days.

After talking with a lawyer, Hollywood grew concerned about his situation after learning that anyone implicated in the kidnapping may face a life sentence. One of Hollywood’s employees, Ryan Hoyt, was given the task of assassinating Markowitz, and was given a TEC-9 pistol to do it.

On August 9, Hoyt and some other Hollywood insiders kidnapped Markowitz and murdered him inside the foothills north of Santa Barbara, buried his body inside a shallow grave. Four days later, the corpse was discovered.

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