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What kind of entertainment should I expect in a Christian nightclub?

by Ratan Srivastava
Christian nightclub

Some Christians, it appears, are feeling left out of their secular friends’ ‘fun,’ and are considering launching a Christian nightclub with no alcohol or secular music, only gospel music and soft drinks on a church basis.

This question was asked on a radio broadcast, as well as I couldn’t help wondering where it originated from. Are Christian youngsters these days so bored that they have to copy the world’s style of entertainment to keep themselves occupied? What’s next, Easter swim parties for the religious youth?

Believers are missionaries; we are to go out into the world and share the Good News that God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die in our place for our salvation. He has risen with His arms wide open, ready to greet anybody who seeks to Him—a responsibility that most of us have neglected.

 What do we see today? We are to let our lights so shine among mankind that people will be seeing our good actions and give credit to God in heaven. Recognizing some persons as Christians is essentially a ‘tough level’ riddle. They talk, dress, and live as if they are unbelievers, although they identify as active members of their churches. Instead of being referred to as “children of the Light,” we are referred to by a variety of derogatory terms, the cleanest of which being “hypocrites.”

God, on the other hand, continues to be faithful and be kind to us. Rather than shaking off our scepticism as well as going all out with the God, as he has done as well as continues to do now, we’re thinking of opening nightclubs!

I have no objections to Christians getting together, listening to music, and connecting. It’s fantastic. I’m just not a fan of the ‘nightclub’ label. The fact is that some of our fellow Christians already are half-baked, with strange interpretations of Biblical precepts and dubious lives and attitudes. Surprisingly, they have the ability to persuade conservatives to join their cause. Give them a platform similar to a “Christian nightclub,” and therefore only God knows where the kids will go.

One caller upon that radio show mentioned that we have already a “All Night Service” nightclub where we sing, pray, as well as fellowship, as well as I couldn’t agree with her though. If church youth leaders believe their membership really aren’t interested in particular activities, they should seek more innovative methods to engage them, such as involving them inside the planning process as well as encouraging them to take on leadership roles. A ‘nightclub,’ on the other hand?

I’d like to assume that the notion started from a good place, but let’s not allow the devil to tamper with our religious practises. My two pennies’ worth.

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