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The Hollywood Reporter: All that you need to know about this magazine

by Ratan Srivastava
The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) is a digital and print magazine, as well as a website, devoted to the film, television, and entertainment industries in Hollywood. It began as a daily trade publication in 1930, but in 2010 it transitioned to a weekly large-format print magazine with a new website. Penske Media Corporation, in a joint venture with MRC, will manage the company’s day-to-day operations as of 2020.

In 1930, Hollywood’s first daily entertainment trade journal, The Hollywood Reporter, was launched by William R. “Billy” Wilkerson. The inaugural issue was published on September 3, 1930, and contained Wilkerson’s renowned front-page “Tradeviews” section.

With the exception of a brief period, the newspaper was published Monday-to-Saturday for the very first ten years, then Monday-to-Friday beginning in 1940. Wilkerson utilised scathing pieces as well as gossip to get attention, which drew the attention of studio executives in New York, who attempted to have the publication banned.

Variety sued The Hollywood Reporter in 1932, saying that THR was plagiarising material for Variety after it was published in New York on Tuesdays by telephone or wire it back to Hollywood such that THR could release this before Variety arrived in Hollywood three days later on Friday.

Then, from 1933, Variety launched Daily Variety, a daily Hollywood edition dedicated to the movie industry.

Wilkerson made friends known Howard Hughes, as well as the publication, published a number of articles praising him as well as his cinematic ambitions. In exchange, Hughes gave the daily financial help when needed, in addition to advertising income.

Wilkerson was the editor of The Hollywood Reporter until his death in September 1962, despite the fact that his final column had been published 18 months earlier. When Wilkerson died, his wife, Tichi Wilkerson Kassel, took over as publisher and editor-in-chief.

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