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How do actors make themselves cry?

by Ratan Srivastava

Have you ever wondered what makes actors weep in movies and on TV? The actor’s talent to create actual tears is responsible for some of history’s most memorable sequences. They do, however, require assistance from time to time. This is where the makeup department enters the picture. Arielle Toelke, a member of Local 798 who works in television and cinema, demonstrated four distinct approaches for achieving four different sobbing effects. A transcript of the video can be found below.

Many performers find it difficult to cry when they are asked to. Some performers have a knack for sobbing on cue. And some performers require a little assistance. So we use one approach, two methods, or perhaps a variety of methods to get them to where they need to be aesthetically for the situation.

Eye drops

In a lot of comedy actors, I feel like one tear will have you going and you’ll be racing in with an eye drop. You can simply go in and do that one drop since you’re right off the camera. And, you know, get everything ready before they roll. Yes, there is an advantage to that.

Vaseline product

We may apply a Vaseline-based substance in addition to the actor’s natural tears to make it appear like there’s been a lot of sobbing. Even if an actor is already on their way, this can assist them to get there faster. And the artist will always have a Vaseline-based product in their arsenal, whether it’s Aquaphor or transparent glass.

Tear stick

There are also two menthol uses to consider. The Kryolan Tear Stick, which resembles a menthol lipstick and is used under the eyes, is one example. And because it’s a little bit glossy, it serves the dual purpose of a Vaseline-based product. Avoid getting menthol in someone’s eye with either of the menthol products. Nobody wants to lose an eye because of it, but it’s certainly unpleasant. When using the tear stick, take cautious to get it close but not in the eye. Also, make sure your actor doesn’t rub his or her eye.

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