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Eric, a member of THE BOYZ, tests positive for COVID-19

by Ratan Srivastava

Eric, a member of the South Korean boy band THE BOYZ, has tested positive for Covid-19. To disclose the diagnosis, the group’s agency, IST Entertainment, issued an official statement on the group’s official fancafé.

“Hello,” the statement said, according to the Korean newspaper Soompi. IST Entertainment is the name of the company. We’re alerting you that Eric, one of the agency’s artists, has tested positive for COVID-19.”

“On January 20, after THE BOYZ member Eric had completed the third dose of his COVID-19 vaccine, he received notification that a friend of the friend with whom he had dinner had tested positive for COVID-19, so he took a PCR test on the morning of January 21 and tested negative,” according to the statement.

“After testing negative on January 21, Eric had no particular symptoms, so he quarantined until January 21, and then he rejoined [THE BOYZ’s] scheduled activities after verifying he tested negative using a self-testing kit on January 22,” the statement said. After that, because a group reality programme started filming on January 24, Eric preemptively did a PCR test on January 23, and he obtained a positive test result on January 24.”

The agency further stated that following Eric’s revelation, the other members of THE BOYZ, as well as the crew, were tested and are presently awaiting the findings. “The BOYZ and the crew all were tested for COVID-19 after hearing Eric’s positive COVID-19 result this morning.

“We will make another public announcement as soon as the test findings are available,” the statement said. THE BOYZ will make modifications to their official timetable, and we will notify you of any changes via the official home page.”

“We regret for generating worry,” the agency added, “and the firm is already implementing the additional essential actions in compliance with the rules put forth by health authorities.” As a major priority, we will do everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our artists by following the health authorities’ self-quarantine and preventative instructions. “Thank you very much.”

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