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Who is the world’s biggest movie star?

by Palak Goyal
Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan seems to be the world’s largest movie star, according to the figures. India’s movie business produces more films each year than the combined film produced in the United States and China. Bollywood acquired 2.6 billion movie tickets in 2012, comparing to 1.36 billion for Hollywood. Khan made a lot more money than Tom Cruise during 2014.

People believe Shah Rukh Khan is really the biggest star because he is the one who pushed Bollywood and by extension, Indian cinema, onto the map around the world. He has a sizable fan base in Europe as well as parts of the United States.

As a self-made actor, SRK chose screenplays and roles that many A-list stars of the early 1990s turned down. It was his confidence as well as the roles that propelled him to success. Although when he played stereotyped lover boy roles, he was hesitant and would see them as a risk he felt willing to take. Now at the time, roles such as the one in DDLJ, which are now stereotyped, were dangerous. The reasons for this are a new director and a standard plot.
Now that he had already identified himself in Indian cinema on a worldwide stage, he had opened doors for everyone working in the industry. As a result of the global appeal of the Bollywood concept, a fresh screenplay from the industry today finds an audience in many parts of the world. In that sense, he might be linked to the same movie’s viewers indirectly.

Shah Rukh Khan

After everything was spoken and done, he has never been an amazing actor; rather, he was a really fine actor who embarked on hazardous roles and fulfilled the goal of a regular man to become a superstar. Now that this has occurred, new films and recordings will be produced, as is always the case.

He still selects both conventional and hazardous roles in his career ambitions, but still, only half of these pay off. Your failings are usually noted after you reach the top.

It could be the collective reason; despite the fact that he no longer sets many records, khan is still regarded as the greatest celebrity, owing to the reverence with which people regard him for his prior efforts.

Because of his international fan base, SRK is the biggest star. His films have done extremely well in different parts of the world, but he has also received numerous prizes and honors from different countries and worldwide agencies for his services to cinema.

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