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Who is more popular SRK or Salman?

by Ratan Srivastava
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As we all are big admirers of Shahrukh Khan, and not just because of his looks or how much money he makes or how many Facebook or Twitter followers he has. We admire his beliefs, as well as his character, the way he speaks, and the breadth of his knowledge. But when talking about who is more popular Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan? Read below to know more details about the same.

Shah Rukh Khan is not famous for his hairstyle (like Tere Naam), his body (which Salman flaunts in almost all of his films), or his shirtless chest (oh oh Jane Jana or wanted), despite the fact that I enjoyed both of these films, Tere Naam and Wanted, and I believe Tere Naam is Salman’s best film. However, you all know why Tere Naam is famous for its storyline or Salman’s hairstyle. When it comes to Shahrukh, simply look at the films for which he is known; the list is rather lengthy. You will notice that his films are well-known due to the subject and performance of SRK.

Take a look at the comments people left on the Tubelight trailer. Despite the fact that SRK only featured for a few seconds, half of the comments included things like “see SRK, SRK at 0:28,” “I’m here because of SRK,” “SRK this SRK that,” and so on. Even though it is little, I felt compelled to mention it. By far Shah Rukh Khan is more popular than Salman Khan.

Another item to consider is to check over the replies and attempt to figure out why people are saying what they are saying. You will notice that the majority of the responses in Shahrukh’s favour are well-written and contain solid facts on why he is the largest celebrity and has the most fans. People who support Salman, on the other hand, simply state that he is the finest and that his films generate more money.

Despite the fact that they are both major Bollywood stars with their own fan bases, When talking about ‘more popular’, Shahrukh is a considerably better actor, a far better human being, and has a far larger fan base than Shahrukh. And one thing I don’t get is why, when I talk to others around them, 90% of them don’t like both or prefer Shahrukh. I’ve only met a few individuals in my life who claim to be Salman’s die-hard fans, despite the fact that he appears to have a large fan base.

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