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What are the Top 10 Best Indian Horror Movies Of All Time?

by Ratan Srivastava
Indian Horror Movies

Here are the top 5 Indian horror movies that sent sends a chill down your spine. However, when you’re only searching for jumpscares, this collection won’t be of interest to you.


Tumbbad is a terrifying horror movie with gorgeous cinematography and a fantastic sound design. But then again, you can’t really expect any less from a movie directed by Anand Gandhi. Tumbbad succeeds on several levels: this is a legitimately frightening picture with plenty of shocks, even while delving far further into the human mind. The movie’s backdrop scores likewise deserve particular notice. This is without a doubt several of the best-sounding flicks on the list.

13B: Fear Has a New Address

13B disproves the notion that a horror movie must have a ghost in order to be called scary. There are several flaws in the picture; it bears spooky resemblances to a number of Hollywood horror movies from the 1960s, and it may be a touch sluggish at points. However, R Madhavan’s acting skills, as well as the subtle way in which it plays with your mind, make it worthwhile to see. The film includes a particularly hard-hitting surprise finale that has caused some controversy among the film’s admirers.


Ghoul is basically a mini-series, not a movie. However, given fact that it will be made up of three 45-50 minute episodes and also was meant to be published as a feature is why we should have included that one on the list. Ghoul, like Tumbbad, operates on several levels and subtly suggests the effects that various circumstances may have on the psyche, particularly but it is not in a healthy condition. Likewise, the picture has its number of jumpscares and clichéd scary components, however, the majority of the dread that the one feels while viewing the movie comes from the storyline and how specific portions of the storey are handled. We also have to highlight how spooky the movie’s light and audio creation are, which contributes to the movie’s overall character.

The House Next Door

Folks who think Bollywood directors can’t possibly equal the skill level of Australian, as well as Hollywood horror directors, should see The House Next Door. The movie includes something you’d expect from the top-tier horror picture: a terrifying narrative, brilliantly rendered CGI as well as sound effects, and a handful of characters that will leave you hyperventilating. Guys, if you like horror movies but haven’t seen this one, you have really no idea whatever you’re losing out again on.


Before the director went insane, Ram Gopal Verma gave us a couple of extremely terrific and highly praised movies that have since become cult movies. One of such cult masterpieces is Bhoot. With a crisp and very well storyline, beautiful photography, and a fantastic performance by Urmila Matondkar, the movie is appropriately terrifying. Although the soundscape might’ve been stronger, it isn’t ridiculous and accomplishes the job quite well.

This list of Indian horror movies will basically well sort your out whether you’re searching for a watching list that sends chills back of your neck all through the weekends.

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