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Taal: All that you should know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Subhash Ghai co-wrote, edited, produced, as well as directed Taal, a 1999 Indian Hindi musical love drama movie. Taal had its world debut at the Chicago International Film Festival, was indeed an “official selection” at the 2005 Ebertfest: Roger Ebert’s Film Festival, as well as was included in the Celebrating Dance in Indian Cinema section at the 45th International Film Festival of India.

Anil Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna, Aishwarya Rai, Amrish Puri, as well as Alok Nath feature in the movie. It also was known as Thaalam in Tamil. It was a huge hit both in India and abroad, and this was the first Indian picture to crack the top 20 on Variety’s box office list.

For their roles within the movie, Anil Kapoor, A. R. Rahman, Alka Yagnik, as well as Anand Bakshi each received a Filmfare Award.

Jagmohan Mehta and his wealthy family, particularly his son Manav, come to Chamba, India, for a lengthy holiday. They encounter Mansi, the lovely daughter of Tara Shankar Manhuja, a poor spiritual singer. Jagmohan is planning to invest in Chamba with Manav as the proprietor of the Mehta & Mehta Group of Companies. Jagmohan and Tara get friendly with each other over time.

Mansi and Manav eventually fall in love. After learning this, Jagmohan disapproves of Mansi because of her low socioeconomic status. Tara is first enraged upon learning of this, however subsequently travels to Mumbai to see his journalist cousin Prabha and meet the Mehtas. Unfortunately, Tara is insulted by the family. He departs with Mansi, who breaks up with Manav, deeply saddened.

Mansi soon meets Vikrant Kapoor, a well-known music producer and director who happens to be a Tara fan. She signs a three-year deal with him and performs dance numbers as well as remixes of his and Tara’s tunes. She receives accolades and becomes a celebrity. Vikrant gradually develops feelings for Mansi. Manav discovers that his family was wrong in mistreating Mansi and Tara.

Manav rushes to Mansi to apologise for his family’s actions. She rejects him because she is upset at how Tara was handled. Mansi’s background with Manav is revealed to Vikrant. He ignores it and proposes to her anyhow. She gradually comes to terms with it. Mansi returns to India after winning an award in Canada to plan for their wedding. After Jagmohan realises his error and apologises, he and Tara make amends.

Vikrant learns Mansi loves Manav on the wedding day. He tells her that they can still be friends as well as encourages her to respect Manav’s affection. Manav and Mansi are finally married, with the blessings of Jagmohan and Tara. As the movie finishes, the Mehtas take a family photo after the wedding.

The Soundtrack of the movie-

The movie’s soundtrack was created by A. R. Rahman, while the lyrics were written by Anand Bakshi. On June 12, 1999, the soundtrack was released, and this was a huge critical and economic success. Ghai said during a press conference, “I give composer A.R.Rahman credit for the film’s title. This film is a romance, and I could have called it anything – Dil, Pyaar, or Hum Bhaag Gaye – but it was Rahman’s presence in the film that inspired me to title it Taal. Music is Taal, and Taal is music. A.R.Rahman and Anand Bakshi deserve all of the credit. Many nights were spent awake by Rahman, but after hearing the songs, I thought it was all worth it.”

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