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Prachi Desai Admits Her Career Has Suffered Due To Nepotism

by Alisha D Souza

Actress Prachi Desai rose to fame for her role as Bani Walla in the tv show, ‘Kasamh Se’. She came into the entertainment industry without any connections. The actress recently revealed that her career has hit due to nepotism. She shared that she accepted it as a reality and added that it will likely continue in the future as well.

Prachi Desai on marriage plans: 'I never saw it as safety net, something  I'd do if my career slowed down a bit' | Hindustan Times

In a recent interview, Prachi revealed that the audience plays a crucial role now. She said that she is getting interesting offers, of late, because of the support she has been getting from viewers.

When asked about her career, Prachi mentioned, “See, that’s a reality that is best accepted; there is no point denying it. It has been there, it is there, and it’s probably going to be there. But today, I’m loving the fact that the audience is deciding a lot. So, as long as the audience supports, there will be space for everyone.”

Prachi Desai speaks up on Bollywood's casting couch; reveals she was once  asked to 'compromise' for a role in a big film | Hindi Movie News - Times  of India

Prachi also shared that it was because of the love and support she gained from viewers turned things around for her. She said, “To be honest, the kind of stuff that I’m getting offered now, and which wasn’t coming my way a year or two years ago, is because of the audience. They are the people who have changed everything. As long as the people really like and support us, we will have a place for all outsiders like me.

Die hard fan of prachi desai♥️ (@KiratSharma9) | Twitter

Prachi Desai made her Bollywood debut in 2008 with Rock On. She was also seen in films such as ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’, Bol Bachchan and Azhar. Prachi was recently in the thriller Silence… Can You Hear It?  It also stars Sahil Vaid, Vaquar, Barkha Singh, Shirish Sharma, Sohaila Kapoor, Amit Thakkar and Garima Yagnik. It is set to land online on March 26.

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