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Is Bollywood more popular than K-pop?

by Ratan Srivastava

Bollywood has affected every Indian in some manner, yet times change, and individuals evolve as well. I don’t believe we need any more confirmation of how K-pop is taking over the business and the globe, with songs reaching a million views in hours and Korean phrases being added to the Official English Dictionary.

When it comes to India, K-effect pop’s on the population is growing at a rapid pace. Bollywood has always had an impact on Indian culture, dress, society, and a variety of other aspects, but now it’s K-turn. pop’s

BTS, or Bangtan Boys, are virtually solely responsible for India’s obsession with K-pop, or as one K-pop idol, Jackson Wang, put it, “BTS paved the road.” They certainly did.

Not just the young of this country, but people of all ages have begun to follow this massive boy band, which is well-known across the world.

The amount of love and support for BTS is so great that it has pulled people together and formed the A.R.M.Y. fanbase.

The Bollywood entertainment sector has suffered a blow as a result of this. Apparently, many attempts have been made in India to cope with the K-pop mania by copying Korean films and creating songs with similar rhythms and beats to that of K-pop.

Furthermore, the fact that the songs of their favourite Kpop singers were being duplicated did not impress them, strengthening the bond between them and their favourite groups.

It’s clear that K-pop is spreading like a virus in India, yet it’s not causing them any damage.

The changes are not subtle at all, ranging from having a bias in various groups to learning the Korean language. Back then, teenagers had a totally different vision of their ideal or celebrity infatuation, but nowadays, practically everything revolves around their prejudice as a member of a specific group.

Indian celebrities, in addition to the general public, have admitted to being great admirers of K-pop idols. A.R. Rahman, Disha Patani, Ayushmann Khurrana, and a slew of other celebrities have appeared on the show.

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