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How did Salman Khan cut his biceps?

by Ratan Srivastava
Salman Khan

From the beginning, Bollywood’s Salman Khan, or should we say, Blockbuster Khan, has been a trailblazer! Fans strive to imitate their idol in every way possible, from his arm cuts to his characteristic Feroza bracelet. Salman has something unique to give his fans with each of his films. Every time we go around the Galaxy Apartment, we encounter at least one Salman impersonator! Is it true that ye pyaar nahi toh aur kya hai? 

We’ve compiled a list of some of Salman’s most distinctive and bizarre looks, which his admirers have always adored! Take a peek at:

1.    Salman’s Cut On His Arms!

If you’re a genuine Salman Khan fan like myself, you’re probably well aware of his arm cuts. Salman Khan’s pieces have been a desire for many. Many of his other fads, like his haircuts, have been hugely popular amongst his admirers. Let me be clear: I’m not celebrating it or preaching about it, but his admirers are completely enthralled by it. I’ve personally met a few people who, like Salman, have chopped their arms to demonstrate their devotion for him. However, it appears to be rather frightening.

2.    Bhai Ka Hatke Haircut!

Bhai ka swag and flair are unstoppable! Everyone was enthralled by his appearance in Tere Naam. Salman’s long-haired, street-smart style was perfect. His haircut, as well as his performance, sparked outrage among his supporters. Not really that I converted into Radhe Mohan, however, I did enjoy his performance in the film!

3. ‘THE BRACELET’ of Salman!

Salman Khan can’t live without his feroza bracelet, much as we can’t survive without our phones these days. Salman’s feroza bracelet has also always followed him, not just in real life but also on-screen. We’ve seen his supporters wearing the bracelet as well, just like him.

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