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Did Salman Khan really get cut on his shoulders during the filming of Veer?

by Ratan Srivastava
Salman Khan

The Rajasthan High Court ordered the development Veer of Salman Khan, directed by Anil Sharma, to really be halted at Amer Fort. Salman rode a horse towards the top of the fort and thereafter fought an enormously built white-skinned wrestler inside the movie. On Thursday, Jackie Shroff used to have a scene shot.

The gunfire began three days ago and will continue into the fourth day on Friday. Saturday was the fifth and last day of the competition. The ruling was issued by a division bench of the court while sending notifications to the state government, asking under which legislation permission to have set and shoot inside the protected monument of Amer Fort was granted.

The judges were struck by the fact that a wall collapsed, hurting 15 people among Salman’s admirers who had flocked in their thousands to catch a sight of the star. Salman had also paid a visit to a few of the injured late on Thursday evening. “Money, greed, and power produce blindness and craziness, making people irrational and insensitive,” the judges stated emphatically. Judges argued that such a circumstance produces confusion and that it is linked to the fall of the wall.

Tourist guides have objected to the filming of the film, despite the fact that it is not the first time that monuments have been allowed to film. Nobody seemed to be questioning the horde of young people that arrived to visit Saman Khan and were unconcerned about their safety while climbing.

Salman Khan, who created the tale for Veer, confesses he wasn’t happy with the final product. “When they showed me the movie, I was not pleased with Veer. I edited the picture down to one hour and 55 minutes, and they finally published it as a two-hour and 30-minute feature, which is unusual. They believed they could get away with it, but they couldn’t, and I was furious because I created the screenplay as well as knew that if it must be that lengthy, I’d need to have that 18 days of filming to achieve the high points.”

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