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Did Rishi Kapoor died soon after the song that was sung for him?

by Ratan Srivastava
Rishi Kapoor

A video surfaced on social networking site Twitter hours following the death of Rishi Kapoor on Thursday morning, in which a health worker has been seen performing a song for Rishi Kapoor, who afterwards praises him despite being obviously frail and in a hospital bed. ‘Tere dard se dil aabad raha,’ from Rishi Kapoor’s film ‘Deewana,’ is sung by the health worker. The validity of the video cannot be confirmed by India TV, although it is available on both Twitter and Facebook. It has subsequently gone viral, receiving over 50,000 views.

Rishi Kapoor, who was 67 years old, died on Thursday morning. On Wednesday night, he was brought to HN Reliance Hospital after complaining of respiratory issues. Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and had treatment inside the United States before returning to India last year.

Kapoor placed his hand on the youngster’s head as the boy finished the singing and stated, “My blessings are now with you.” Success is possible if you put in the effort. You can only get fame if you put in the effort. Remember that hard effort and just a little luck will get you far.”

The date over which the video was shot is unknown to India TV.

Following Rishi Kapoor’s death, his family made a statement.

“After a two-year fight with leukaemia, our darling Rishi Kapoor passed away peacefully in hospital tonight at 8:45 IST.” The hospital’s physicians and medical staff stated he kept everyone engaged till the very end.

“Everyone who encountered him at this period was shocked at how he did not allow his disease to get the best of him. His emphasis was on family, friends, food, and movies. He was appreciative of the affection he received from his followers all across the world. They would all realise that he preferred to be remembered with a grin rather than sadness when he passed away.

“We recognise that the globe is going through a really tough and tumultuous moment at this time of personal grief. There are various limitations on public gatherings and mobility. We would like to ask that all of his followers, well-wishers, and family friends please obey the current laws. He was not going to do it.

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