Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha report on their upcoming wedding; discuss developing films with an all-female crew

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal are like two peas in a pod. When they’re not filming their individual projects, the duo is hard at work developing films with some ground-breaking ideas. Richa and Ali were recently asked about working with an all-female crew for their next show Girls Will Be Girls in an interview with ETimes.

When asked why he made that decision, Ali stated, “This particular challenge came out of necessity. When we began our project Girls Will Be Girls, the movie which we will be shooting in October, we realized that we wanted an all-girl crew as much as we could. Suddenly we looked at the light department and realized that there was nobody. I mean in the last five years, female cinematographers have emerged. We decided to search. There were only a couple of female gaffers. Otherwise, there was nobody. That’s when Tanya, one of our associates, came up with the idea, why can’t we do this?”

He further added, “Richa can elaborate about this whole program. We made an announcement and about 40-50 girls applied for this. We chose 10. We are very excited. I think this is a starting foundation for this particular demand. The idea is to champion these few who can eventually champion more and to create a system where this is normalized. Right now, there are no girls in focus, grip or lights departments. First, you have to create a pit to lay down the foundation.”

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Echoing similar thoughts, Richa said, “Shuchi (director of Girls Will Be Girls) wanted an all-female crew. Because she had directed a short film with an all-female crew. She said it was easy for her to work on that project. So, she said she wanted to do the same in the feature film. The thing is that the perception needs to change.”

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