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Woo Do Hwan, Kim Sae Ron and Lee Sang Yi to star in the Netflix series

by Ratan Srivastava

The cast for the new Netflix series Hunting Dogs has been unveiled. Park Sung Woong’s agency, C-Jes, announced that he would still feature inside the drama, as reported earlier. Woo Do Hwan, Kim Sae Ron, Lee Sang Yi, as well as Heo Joon Ho would accompany him on November 5, according to the drama’s producers.

As per a Korean tabloid, the Netflix series Hunting Dogs is indeed an action noir-inspired on such a webtoon of the very same name regarding three individuals trying to get out of debt and becoming connected as a result of debt. Woo Do Hwan will portray Gun Woo, a debt collector who turned to loan sharks to pay off his obligations.

He was indeed a talented boxer that won the Rookie of the Year award before becoming a bodyguard upon encountering Mr Choi.

Woo Jin will indeed be played by Lee Sang Yi, who meets Gun Woo as just a competitor boxer but ultimately ended up collaborating alongside him in this Netflix series. Woo Jin, who has dealt with daily instalments before, will assist Gun Woo, who’s really unfamiliar with both the private lending industry. Myeong Gil, played by Park Sung Woong, is indeed a nasty loan shark having sinister goals who would have a difficult meeting with Mr Choi.

Hyun Joo, who was just like family to Mr Choi and therefore will succeed him, will be played by Kim Sae Ron.

Mr Choi will indeed be played by everyone except Heo Joon Ho, a seasoned actor. He was formerly a private loan legend, but even now he gives money to ill people without charging interest. Speculation is growing about why he left his lucrative private lending company and also what type of history he is concealing.

Netflix series Hunting Dogs would be written and directed by Kim Joo Hwan of Midnight Runners and Indeed the Divine Fury and would be co-produced by Studio N, Seed Films, as well as SEVEN O SIX.

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