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Which country has the best Netflix 2021? – Tap to know

by Ratan Srivastava

Netflix has a plethora of shows and movies to choose from. However, the programming options differ depending on the nation. So, whichever nation has the most extensive Netflix library? This is the issue a research aims to address by analysing the diverse material accessible on the streaming platform in various places across the world. The top 30 nations with both the best Netflix offering are shown below.

What country emerges victorious? Netflix has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading streaming service. As well as the company’s strategic strategy of customising its catalogue to each national market accounts for a big portion of its success. So much so that each country has its own Netflix offering. The Uswitch research looked at the Netflix catalogues of several nations to see which had the best selection. The United States, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Slovakia, and Romania are among the countries represented. In total, the Netflix programming of 30 nations was scrutinised.

Netflix might well have originated in the United States, however customers in Japan have access to the largest online library of episodes and films. After reviewing data for such movies and TV series accessible there, as per the study’s criteria, based just on content’s scores acquired on IMdb as well as prizes won in other contests, the offer in Land of both the Rising Sun received a perfect score of 100 percent. Following that is the Czech Republic, which is followed by South Korea. The United Kingdom is ranked fourth, whereas the United States is ranked second to last, slightly ahead of Malaysia, at 29th place.

When it comes to TV series, the United Kingdom takes the top spot, with highly rated series notably “Breaking Bad,” “Our Planet,” as well as “Rick and Morty” following closely behind. With 3,992 series and movies in its Netflix repertoire, the United Kingdom also occupies top position in terms of quantity. Having 3,349 movies and series, France comes in last among a total of 20 countries.

Whenever it comes to movie catalogues well with highest ratings, the Czech Republic ranks first, following by Japan and South Korea. Canada is ranked 11th, the United Kingdom is 12th, as well as the United States isn’t even among the top 15 countries.

“The Shawshank Redemption,” “The Godfather,” “The Consul’s Son,” as well as “Green Gold” are some of the Czech Republic’s best-rated blockbuster movies.

The study used IMdb scores for each and every movie and show inside a country’s library, as well as awards as well as nominations granted towards the series and movies, to come up with just this list. Following that, each nation was ranked based on its final score, which was translated onto percentages during the week of September 16.

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