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Sona M Abraham is still battling to erase her leaked rape clip from sites

by Ratan Srivastava
Sona M Abraham 

Sona M Abraham, a Malayalam actress, still is pursuing a court battle to have her leaked rape footage deleted from pornographic websites six years later. Learn about her adversity.

Sona M Abraham first appeared in a Malayalam film named For Sale approximately seven years ago. In the 2013 film, a lady commits suicide after seeing their younger sister being raped. Sona, a 14-year-old juvenile at the time, was cast as the sister. She recounted filming the tense rape scenario in an interview with such a news website. Sona informed The News Minute that the incident was captured secretly with a hand-held video.

The actress claimed that the director of the film (Satish Ananthapuri) and producer (Anto Kadavelil) told her that perhaps the tape would be erased once they used important parts for the movie.

The entire film, much to Sona’s as well as her family’s surprise, made its way into the internet over a year afterwards, notably on YouTube. Sona has already been attempting to get the film taken down from the internet for six years, which tells a lot about just how police approach online offences.

According to Sona, she informed the news outlet, “In 2014, I had approached the Ernakulam City Police Commissioner’s office to get the clipping removed from YouTube. The officials said that YouTube would take down the scene if they sent a request letter signed by the Commissioner. At the time, they did not lodge an FIR or take down a complaint.”

She claimed that, whereas the clip was taken down from YouTube for a short time, it reappeared shortly afterwards and went to certain other websites, particularly pornographic and social networking sites.

In 2016, Sona along with her mom filed a case with the Ernakulam Northern Police Station, naming the filmmaker, producer, and editor of It for Sale. The actress stated how she had no idea why so the video had been shared. She went on to say that because the creators owned the copyright towards the footage, this would not have escaped without their knowledge.

The suspect was granted bail shortly after their arrest because the FIR embedded just at North Station just billed them with minor segments of IPC 500 [defamation] and Kerala Police Actor section 119 (b).

In 2016, Sona filed a writ case with the Kerala High Court, requesting that the footage be removed from the websites and that the director, producer, and editor of For Sale be held accountable. Her situation gained a lot of attention as she told her storey inside the Refuse to Abuse movement as a film. She claimed that the Kerala Women’s Commission as well as the Kerala Police’s internet division had approached her.

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