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Who is the real queen of K-pop 2021?

by Ratan Srivastava

The K-pop business is constantly expanding, with new and returning musicians releasing songs every so often. There are, nonetheless, a select few who stand out from the rest and possess the qualities necessary to be dubbed the “Queen of K-pop.”

This is really a list of female K-pop musicians that are regarded queens in the business for that purpose.

  1. Chung Ha 

Kim Chungha (or Chungha) is currently one of the most prominent female solo musicians in K-pop. Her singing, rapping, and dancing abilities are all exceptional. You’ve got the complete deal with her gorgeous beauty and fiery, fierce charm.

The 25-year-old began her career in Produce 101, where she advanced towards the final sentence and started her career as an I.O.I. member. She followed a solo artist just after the project group disbanded, and also most recently acquired the Bonsang (Artist of the Year award) at “The Fact Music Awards” in 2020.

  • HyunA

HyunA has been a long-time resident of both the K-pop business, as well as her continued success as being one of the top musicians is a true testimonial to her abilities. The singer, rapper, as well as dancer, has worked with a number of Kpop groups and sub-units before going solo.

She has a long list of songwriting as well as music production credits under her belt, dating back to her days as a part of Wonder Girls in 2007. She has already been praised for her incredible stage presence and is among the best rappers in the Kpop business. Obviously, she possesses all of these qualities.

  • Sunmi

The 29-year-old star, who was once a part of JYP Entertainment’s Wonder Girls, is now a solo artist under ABYSS Company. She launched “Gashina” after the trio separated, that it became an immediate smash thanks to its famous dance, catchy music, and gorgeous graphics.

Sunmi’s style of music has been dubbed “Sunmi-pop,” a blend of Jazz, Pop, EDM, and Retro, and it has been nothing except hits for the K-pop singer ever since. She’s also composing and creating the majority of her music, as well as her new EP 1/6 is slated to be released in early August.

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