What does BTS notice first in a girl?

J-Hope of BTS will most likely be the one to observe a girl’s grin initially. He enjoys making other people laugh, and then seeing a female with a lovely grin makes him would like to make her smile or laugh.

To be a pleasant and courteous person is the first thing V looks for from a girl. It will also be the ideal suit for his personality, and he’s a very generous guy. He would find it pleasant to smile at strangers merely to be friendly or to perform acts of kindness.

Rapmon, being a fashion-conscious individual, I believe might notice a girl’s style first. Rapmon prioritises clothing by being current in the fashion industry and incorporating the latest trends.

He will be pleased and much more inclined to be attracted to a female who is well presented and understands the latest trends.

The first thing Jungkook looks for in a female is self-assurance. He is an extroverted person, thus a female who is confident in herself appeals to him the most. At first sight, a female who is happy with her appearance and expresses her self-assurance will pique his curiosity.

Suga would probably notice if a female is as relaxed as he is. Because he is a fairly peaceful guy in general, he just wouldn’t enjoy an overly cheerful or always thrilled girl. Suga would quickly fall for a girl who takes things easy and avoids unneeded bother.

Jimin, like J-Hope, would initially notice a girl’s smile or lips. He is just a really amusing and extroverted individual who enjoys laughing and smiling a lot. Her grin, nevertheless, may not be the only thing that drew him in; her lips would as well.

Jin, like V, would observe a girl’s friendliness and social interaction first. I believe he prefers girls who are typically cheerful and pleasant to be around.

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