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What are the best songs to play when dancing an infinity loop?

by Ratan Srivastava

The eternal quality of a dancefloor classic is its allure. Most pop songs achieve some level of popularity in the danceable arena upon debut, but they also tend to fade away fast. These songs, on the other hand, thrive in terms of genre diversity and long-term acceptability. These songs are excellent for proms, bar and bat mitzvahs, quinceaeras, and weddings, and they may be enjoyed by both young children and senior grandparents. Here are 60 of the finest dancefloor classics from the past, as chosen by Paste’s editors and writers.

This dance is quite simple. Even the most left-footed of dancers can blend in with the crowd in only 11 steps. Inside this scenario, the dance is likely to eclipse the song’s popularity—a repetitious, moderate-tempo, clave-led dance success. Hilary Saunders (Hilary Saunders)

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” dominated the internet in 2012, breaking YouTube’s view counter. But, when 50 intoxicated Iranians danced to that in my living room that Christmas and my uncle Kaveh sang along in a haze, I knew the song had gone viral and had become far more than a meme. “Gangnam Style,” combined with a continual supply of booze, reinforced the link between my extended family and myself that holiday season. That, my friends, is indeed the force of a real dance floor classic. Sarra Sedghi (Sarra Sedghi)

Thanks to Belinda Carlisle’s vocals, the Go-girl Go’s group-invoking, surf-guitar-grazing opening song from Vacation was equal parts tart and broken-hearted. “Vacation” provided a boppy slice of fun for spring breakers, college grinders, and anybody in urgent need of a getaway, with a tune that builds and loads. —Holly Gleason, “Holly Gleason, ” “Holly Gle

In some regions of Miami throughout the 1980s and 1990s, you couldn’t go to a party, quince, or Getty without hearing this song. It’s still one of the biggest singles from Miami’s reigning musical queen, and it’s pretty much everywhere.

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