Sardar Ka Grandson: All you should know before watching this Movie

The Plot of the movie Sardar Ka Grandson: Amreek (Arjun Kapoor) operates a shifting firm named Gently Gently and resides in Los Angeles alongside his fiancée Radha (Rakul Preet). Amreek finds himself at a fork in the road after his foolish actions and disrespect for his fiancée left him unmarried and jobless. Soon after, he hears that his grandmother, Rupinder Kaur (Neena Gupta), fondly known as Sardar, is sick, so he returns to India to be with her. Sardar desires to enter the place she lived in the house in Lahore while she dies, however when her visa is denied, Amreek took this upon him to help her dreams come true.

After considerable thought, he comes up with an idea: he can transport them home to her and to Pakistan. Amreek travels to Lahore and resolves to do the unthinkable: he will really relocate this home. That might not seem as outlandish a goal as the others think it is now that he has an explanatory variable. Sardar Ka Grandson mixes up various tales which both seem to return towards the grandmother just at the centre of everything. Half fish-out-of-water narrative, part family conflict, and half romantic, Sardar Ka Grandson mixes up numerous stories which both seem to return to the matriarch just at centre of everything.

Sardar Ka Grandson isn’t known for his dialogue, and so this remark by Amreek’s fiancee early in the movie had me do a lot of eye-roll: “You just understand how to shatter stuff, Amreek.” You never seem to be able to mend them.” It’s a great encapsulation as to how cringe-inducing most of the movie’s scripting is.

Performance: Neena Gupta is indeed the backbone of Sardar Ka Grandson, adding a cheeky wicked sense of humour and a sparkle in the eyes to each of the sequences, despite her makeup being not completely believable. Even though the movie seems as though it’s meandering, the tenderness in the interactions as Amreek is particularly striking. Instead of acting like a weary grandmother, she has a flame in the belly, amusing herself up wit the pranks and refuses to let someone get in the middle of her goals. Sardar Ka Grandson may not have had a particularly good storyline, but Gupta seems to be the movie’s saving grace.

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