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Who has the black card in India?

by Ratan Srivastava
black card

The world’s most renowned and rare credit card called Black card— you could only obtain one by invitation; you can’t apply for just one — has become available in India, as well as 200 or so extremely affluent Indians now own a rectangular piece of black titanium with a Rs 10-crore spending limit.

Since its debut in 1999, American Express’ Centurion Card — sometimes known as the black card — has become a wealth as well as celebrity marker inside the West. India is indeed the newest addition to the list. So, who are the black cardholders in India? It’s all intended to be kept under wraps.

Oberois, Munjals, Godrejs, Burmans, as well as Bhartiyas, are among the business families said to have gotten the black titanium rectangle. Amitabh Bachchan is a black card bearer among Bollywood’s bigwigs.

Besides a credit limit of Rs 10-crore, what more does the black card have to offer? To begin, you must pay a joining fee of Rs 2 lakh and also an annual membership cost of Rs 2.5 lakh. As one may guess, there are several benefits.

The premium card grants you access to world-class airline services as well as super-premium restaurants and hotels.

It benefits if you possess that chunk of titanium, for example, if you just want tickets in a restaurant with such a six-month standby list. Alternatively, flash your black card if you really need a last-minute first-class aeroplane ticket.

Holders of such a black card are indeed given advice on subjects including such art purchases and haute couture.

Inside an internal email sent earlier this month, Sanjay Rishi, president of American Express India, wrote, “With an ever-growing list of billionaires and estimates of the largest rise in ‘Private Financial Wealth’ in a country by 2017, the launch couldn’t have been more timed.” He claimed the firm has had a lot of positive feedback in the first two weeks of its introduction.

Amex’s black card is a very well of a small group of super-exclusive credit cards that includes the Dubai First Royale MasterCard, JPMorgan Palladium, Coutts & Co World Card, RBC Visa Infinite, as well as Merrill Accolades Card from around the world.

IndusInd Bank NSE 0.95 per cent has released the ‘Indulge Credit Card,’ which arrives with such a pure 22-carat gold inlay, according to the bank. There is indeed a Rs 1 lakh joining fee, and that there is no defined spending cap. Discounted charter flights, boats, as well as sailing lessons are among the services offered, as is assistance in locating rare supercars.

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