Bollywood Society » Kubbra Sait discusses her one-night stand and subsequent abortion, saying she has no regrets

Kubbra Sait discusses her one-night stand and subsequent abortion, saying she has no regrets

by Ratan Srivastava

In her recently released book Open Book, author Kubbra Sait discussed her abortion in detail.

Open Book: Not Quite A Memoir, written by Kubbra Sait, marks her writing debut. The Sacred Games actress opened out about her childhood in Bangalore, her struggles with body image and social anxiety, being abused as a teen by a family member, and an unplanned pregnancy that had to be ended in her memoir. Currently, Kubbra has stated that she does not regret that period of her life in an interview with a news website.

In a chapter titled “I Wasn’t Ready To Be A Mother’, Kubbra Sait shared her experience about the time in 2013, when she went on a holiday to the Andamans. The actress revealed that she had gone scuba-diving at night, after which she had a few drinks, and got physically intimate with a friend. After a few days, her pregnancy test came out positive as she had missed her period. “A week later, I decided to terminate the pregnancy. I wasn’t ready for it. It just wasn’t the way I had imagined my life or my journey,” Kubbra Sait wrote in her book.

Now, Kubbra Sait has opened up about the incident in a recent interview with Times Digital, saying that while she did feel like a “terrible person,” she had no regrets. The actress remarked, “No regrets,” and she added “Of course I felt like a terrible human being! A horrible human being because of that choice I had made. “But my feeling bad did not come from how I felt but rather how other people would perceive it.”

Additionally, Kubbra Sait said that she was not prepared to become a mother at the time and that she is still not. She stressed the social restrictions and demands placed on women to marry by the age of 23 and give birth to children by the age of 30.

Kubbra Sait responded that she wanted to have clarity of thinking and that she felt comfortable sharing when asked why she shared everything in a memoir.

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