Bollywood Gossip: Fardeen Khan reveals his ambitions to make a return

Fardeen Khan, the late famous Feroz Khan’s son, stated in Late 2020 that he is now ready to come back to perform. According to this Bollywood Gossip Fardeen Khan will sharing screen time alongside Riteish Deshmukh in Sanjay Gupta’s production venture Visfot (the explosion).

Fardeen Khan stated in an interview that, “I never imagined I’d be gone for so long. But that did happen. My wife Natasha and I had to go to London at first because we were experiencing difficulties (conceiving children). We eventually had our daughter in 2013. Our son was born four years later. When there was a bundle of joy in the house, it completely consumed our lives. When so much time had passed, I had no idea how. I had to go between Mumbai and London on a regular basis. My wife Natasha had a difficult time because we had chosen the IVF option. I had no choice but to be at her side.”

“If if life were that simple!” exclaims the narrator. I wasn’t planning on being gone; I was coping with unforeseen situations. Now I am the proud mother of two lovely children. And the time I’ve spent with them outside of work has been so lovely. My children and I have a fantastic relationship. Every day, I thank God for my blessings. I’m grateful for a number of things. I’m seeing the kids becoming a little more settled now. I believe it is past time for me to return to work. My return to work came about naturally. It happened exactly when it was supposed to. When I returned, I saw that the whole film business environment had changed.”

Fardeen made it apparent that he would be interested in doing a good job in Bollywood Gossip. “I’ve always commuted between Mumbai and London. Half of my time was spent there, while the other half was spent here. This time, I’m back with a reason. I want to perform worthwhile work. I believe we are in the midst of a new golden era of cinema. It’s encouraging to see such a wide range of films being produced.”

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