Bollywood Society » Is there a website that tells you about celebrities and where they worked?

Is there a website that tells you about celebrities and where they worked?

by Ratan Srivastava

The firm announced a new technology that identifies celebrities and therefore will soon allow you to contribute your want to a searchable database.

So for those times whenever you see a celebrity and have no idea what film they’re in. 

However, the app’s use cases might be considerably larger — for example, a regular person could post a photo and also have people identify them on the street.

Blippar founders, as well as CEO Ambarish Mitra, told CNNMoney, “You virtually construct your own human billboard for yourself.”

Grab the Blippar app as well as point your phone’s camera towards a face to recognize it. If the topic is already in Blippar’s database, a circular avatar with information about them will display, surrounded by other circles. “Hugo,” her personal ties, as well as a Vogue storey all came up inside a face search for Chlo Grace Moretz on such a magazine cover.

These bubbles are part of Blippar’s “knowledge graph,” which is a collection of information that a subject is linked to. The graph contains almost 3 billion facts.

All of this information is currently available online, according to Mitra. Depending on its most famous persons on Wikipedia, the business generated a database of 70,000 celebrities and public figures. As well as the number continues to rise.

Blippar will ultimately incorporate people who’re not necessarily celebrities, however, who have been verified on Twitter and Facebook.

People who have unintentionally posted to Blippar can request that their images be deleted.

When you add your own face, you’ll be capable of constructing a unique knowledge graph that includes your Twitter as well Spotify profiles, as well as your favourite movies, books, as well as facts. As a result, whenever someone searches (or “blipps”) your face in real life or via a photo, your picture will surface, along with all of those interest bubbles.

Although it is possible to add additional individuals to Blippar using images, Mitra believes that no one will do so because it is much more difficult. Users would have to move their faces about to precisely capture every element of their face, from the brows to the chin, in addition to adding themselves to the database. This necessitates facial movement, which is extremely hard to achieve.

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