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Why are K-Pop Idols not allowed to date? – Read details INSIDE

by Ratan Srivastava

Whenever it comes to their interpersonal romances, K-Pop idols aren’t quite as closely scrutinized in current history like they once were. Most K-Pop fans believe that restricting an entire aspect of an idol’s lifestyle is harsh or excessive.
Some argue that because idols and firms promote the impression that artists are only devoted to the fans and nobody else, they must accept it because it is their area of work.

Whereas the dating taboo is loosening, there are some severe exceptions, such as soloist HyunA and Pentagon’s Dawn, who have been fired from the respective agencies following publicly admitting their love.

Many admirers rallied to the rescue, and they have been signed to PSY’s P Nation label and resumed their singing careers.

So, why would companies forbid their celebrities from dating? Here is another list of possible explanations why they always even go as far as to forbid their idols from dating.

There are five reasons why agencies refuse to allow their K-Pop idols to date.

1) It may function as a diversion from their primary objective.

Idols are expected to devote a significant amount of effort to their profession. They must train & practise regularly in order to demonstrate a better version of themselves with the stage. Companies are concerned that if K-Pop idols get involved in a relationship, they will lose sight of their objectives and it may fall off.

2) The idol’s fandom may dwindle.

Idols must sell the idea of becoming accessible and committed to their admirers. In comparison to certain other music industries, the significance of followers and fan services is much greater inside the K-pop industry. Companies prohibit K-Pop idols from coupling in order to maintain their image of just being “accessible.”

3) Scandals have the potential to derail the K-Pop sensation’s career.

The image of an idol is incredibly significant to their profession. Unlike some other musical sectors, where relationship controversies seldom result in backlash from fans, dating controversies in K-pop can make all the difference in an idol’s profession.
There appears to be a generalized loosening in the treatment of idols that have been in the profession for years and also have a strong reputation vs idols who are beginning out.

4) The company could lose money unknowingly.

It’s a tremendous loss again for the firm if a relationship controversy irreversibly harms an idol’s image. They’ve put much effort into teaching and introducing their heroes, and also publicizing them on multiple shows, through their perspectives.
If such an idol loses the majority of its fan following, the firm’s investment for them is gone entirely. Not only will the fans stop purchasing the idol’ records and other items, however, but the firm’s investment within the idol is also for nought.

5) It may have an impact on the mental health of the K-Pop star.

Businesses are concerned that entering into a relationship may negatively impact the mental health of K-Pop stars. If they have a fight or disregard any idol-related responsibilities as a result of the relationship, this could be detrimental to their profession and put them in the incorrect attitude.

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