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Kareeb: All you should know about this Bobby Deol movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Vidhu Vinod Chopra wrote, produced, as well as directed Kareeb, a Hindi-language romantic movie released in 1998. Bobby Deol as well as Neha Bajpai appear in the film.

The plot of the movie ‘ Kareeb ‘

In the movie ‘Kareeb’, Birju Kumar (Bobby Deol) is a young fellow from a Himachal Pradesh upper-middle-class household. Birju’s father wants him to be respectable, but he’s more engaged in petty stealing, lying, and romancing a lovely young lady named Neha (Neha Bajpai). Neha is indeed a poor girl who is modest, attractive, and responsible. Birju meets Neha for the very first occasion and instantly falls in love with her. Neha begins to like Birju as well, but she keeps her feelings hidden. Birju does all that he can to please Neha, but she soon understands how very much she adores him and also that she couldn’t live without him.

Birju’s father just doesn’t want his daughter to marry into a poor household, so Birju fabricates Nehas’s uncle’s wealth and organises their wedding. Birju steals money from his house and claims that it was sent by Neha’s uncle. Birju’s father, however, finds the truth just on the night of a wedding and cancels it. Neha’s mother had a heart attack as a result of her inability to cope with the stress. When Neha meets Birju, she is heartbroken for her mother and enraged at Birju for lying. Birju is forced to vow that he’ll never reveal his identity again by Neha.

Neha then drives her mom in such an ambulance to a Shimla hospital, followed by Birju. Birju subsequently spends the night sleeping just on the stairs of Bhigelal’s wash store (Johnny Lever). Bhigelal is a fascinating individual who wishes to visit England a day and has an old coin collection to offer to a diwanji. He intends to visit England with money he makes from selling coins as well as running his wash shop, exactly as her father had always wished. Birju is then hired as a laundry boy by him. This really is Birju’s first employment, that he takes in order to be close to Neha and help her mother with her therapy. Birju sees Uncle and Aunty after working a day.

They love Birju as if he were their son as well as ready to assist him anytime he requires assistance.

Birju inquires about Neha’s mother there at the hospital, in which the receptionist informs him she requires an emergency procedure that would be quite costly. Doctor Abhay comes inside the following scene following Neha attempts but fails to call Birju for assistance. Doctor Abhay adores Neha and wants to marry them in return for her mother’s free surgery, as surgeons are allowed to do so for their family.

Birju visits Uncle and Aunty, who suggests that he play the lottery, which he will win by paying corrupt officials.

They request that Birju get cash again for the bribe. Birju purchases the lottery ticket as directed then works tirelessly each day to earn the bribe money. He subsequently delivers it to Uncle and Aunty, only to discover that the pair were not who they claimed to be and that they had collected money from other individuals very much like him before fleeing. Birju, who is helpless, takes money from Bhigelal to compensate for the procedure. He visits the hospital with money and hands it over to the doctor, requesting that the doctor keep Neha’s identity a secret.

Birju’s family finally recognises Birju’s passion for Neha and decides to assist him in Simla.

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