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All you need to know about the ‘Beyonce Sharma Jayegi’ song controversy

by Ratan Srivastava
Beyonce Sharma Jayegi

That after manufacturers of Khaali Peeli changed Beyonce’s name to “Duniya” in their own melody Beyonce Sharma Jayegi, action star Ishaan Khatter spoke out about the whole racism dispute. The actor, who co-stars with Ananya Panday in the film, claims the controversy has been exaggerated.

Whenever the music was first set to release, many people on the internet chastised the songwriters for creating the illusion that the music was trying to compare a fair-skinned lady to a dark-skinned Beyonce Knowles. The contentious lyrics sounded like: ‘Tujhe Dekh Ke Goriya, Beyonce Sharma Jayegi.

The song’s creators and lyricists, on the other hand, refused to believe it had racist overtones. Others said that the term “goriya” was being used to characterize a lovely female but was not meant to become a dispute between fair and dark complexion. The director of the movie, Maqbool Khan, was quoted saying, “the term goriya has been so often and traditionally used in Indian songs to address a girl, that it didn’t occur to any of us to interpret it in a literal manner.”

The identical point was repeated by Ishaan. In his question and answer session with Film Companion lately, the performer also said the phrase ‘goriya‘ is being used in numerous Hindi figures as just regard to a girl. “As far as I can tell, the word gori has been removed from its context. I have asked a bunch of inquiries to folks in rural regions, who’ve confirmed that ‘gori‘ has been used in numerous songs, for years, as merely describing a female. “You say ‘gori‘ in the same way you say ‘launda‘ or ‘chhora,’ but that was the background,” he said.

Ishaan went on to say that the phrase was “never meant to be about race, let alone complexion.” According to the Dhadak actor, he portrays a tapori character in a movie, and Beyonce is the absolute pinnacle of beauty for them. So he’s attempting to charm her, he says his protagonist tries to impress a female by equating her to Beyonce.

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