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Who has the biggest fan army?

by Ratan Srivastava
biggest fan army

K-pop is a universal phenomenon, and numerous groups’ fanbases really aren’t confined to South Korea. The bands have a massive global fanbase, as well as the downloads and stats back up their big fan bases. If you’ve ever questioned who the largest K-pop lover is, then that’s the article for you. Read below to know who has the biggest fan army-


ARMY, BTS’ fandom, is without a question the largest in the contemporary K-pop scene. The fans of ARMY have helped the group achieve various records and rankings on Billboard, iTunes, and YouTube. The fans also assist the group in obtaining BTS’s statistics at all hours of the day-night. Several Korean news outlets have stated that fandom may greatly affect a scenario. For example, the fandom is praised for buying out whatever item that BTS uses or putting out trolls. BTS has the by far biggest fan army in the world.


EXO’s following, namely EXO-L, was very well because of its impact prior to the rise of ARMY. Until BTS’ Blood, Swear and Tears received the Daesang (Korea’s highest music award) in 2016, the band had won many Daesangs. EXO with their fans has already amassed a large number of records as well as titles. EXO-SC, the semi of EXO, is popular today amongst supporters due to the fact that most of its members are serving in the armed forces.


BLACKPINK has been the only K-pop girl group with such a following and popularity comparable to BTS. The four-piece band comprises individuals from all over the world, and a global fan base. The band has a career high number of youtube views, which reflects the strength of their fan base. Aside from just that, the band has been nominated for VMAs and Billboard awards on to an international stage.


Alongside solo idol PSY, set the stage for the worldwide fame of a subgenre preceding BTS, BigBang and EXO. Overseas admirers, particularly in the west, adored the groups’ music.


TXT, a member of BTS’s label BigHit, has a large fan base because newcomers are anticipated to attain equal success to BTS. MOAs, which stands for Moment of Alwaysness, are the group’s fans. This is an extension of the group’s concept of making memories with followers “now and tomorrow.”

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