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Yevadu: All you need to know about this Telugu Language action movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Vamshi Paidipally helmed Yevadu in 2014, based on a script he co-wrote with Vakkantham Vamsi. Ram Charan, Shruti Haasan, as well as Amy Jackson lead in the movie, which also has Jayasudha, Sai Kumar, Rahul Dev, and Brahmanandam in supporting roles. Allu Arjun, as well as Kajal Aggarwal, make guest appearances. Sri Venkateswara Creations, Dil Raju’s production company, produced this movie. The movie’s soundtrack was written by Devi Sri Prasad, whereas the editor was Marthand K. Venkatesh.

The narrative of Yevadu is based on John Woo’s 1997 movie Face/Off and centres on two characters, Satya and Charan. This was formally established on December 9, 2011, with a budget of 35 crores. Filming began started on April 27, 2012, and ended on July 22, 2013. The majority of both the movie was shot in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad, primarily in Ramoji Film City, with tunes in Switzerland and Bangkok.

After being postponed several times, the movie was finally released on January 12, 2014, even during Sankranti festive seasons, as well as got positive reviews from reviewers.

It was among the highest-grossing Telugu movies of 2014, making and over 60 crores as well as earning a distributor share of 47 crores.

At Vishakhapatnam, Sathya (Allu Arjun), as well as Deepthi (Kajal Aggarwal), are lovers. Veeru Bhai (Rahul Dev), a feared don, has a thing for Deepthi. Deepthi and Sathya flee when Deepthi’s parents are slain. They take a bus bound for Hyderabad, but it is abruptly halted by three men: Veeru’s henchman Deva, Veeru’s brother Ajay, and Shravan, a corrupt police officer.

Deepthi’s neck is cut in front of Sathya, and he receives a near-fatal stab wound.

Before departing, the three set fire to the bus stabbed Sathya and left him to die. Dr Shailaja (Jayasudha), on the other hand, rescues Sathya by giving him a new face and skin. Sathya (now portrayed by Ram Charan) awakens from his coma ten months later.

Sathya travels to Vishakhapatnam under the identity Ram, wherein he meets Shruti (Amy Jackson), a model who Veeru is presently lusting over. After befriending Shruti, Sathya takes advantage of his newfound anonymity and leads Deva to a construction site, where he electrocutes him to death. ACP Ashok discovers a photo of Deva that has been tagged with a “1.” (Murali Sharma).

Sathya immediately makes a police complaint on Deepthi, claiming she has indeed been absent for 10 days. Because Shravan is aware that Deepthi was murdered ten months earlier, he is sceptical of Sathya’s new image and tracks him down to a mall, where Sathya hangs him with such a rope. During the inquiry into Shravan’s killing, Sathya offers himself as just an eyewitness to the assistant commissioner. When asked to explain the killer, Sathya recounts his previous appearance.

Sathya subsequently manipulates Ajay into falling in love her Shruti and has the two of her pose in compromising positions for some photos, claiming that they were being used as a promotion to help Shruti gain an audition for a female lead role in a movie. Sathya instead gives Veeru copies of both the photos in order to turn him against Ajay and Shruti. Sathya then persuades Ajay that the only way to free Shruti from Veeru’s lust is for Ajay to kill Veeru, therefore gaining his brother’s status. Ajay is slain by Veeru’s thugs, but Veeru is killed at a tavern by Sathya, who discloses Veeru’s actual identity.

He apologises to Shruti for taking advantage of her, but she thanks him for saving her life, and Sathya departs.

After completing his revenge, Sathya chooses to leave Visakhapatnam and begin a new life. During his journey, Sathya is attacked by Dharma’s (P. Sai Kumar) henchman Raja (Subbaraju), a Hyderabad-based don. Sathya pursues Raja, who summons a corrupt Central minister and Dharma to notify them that a guy named Charan still is alive. Raja then summons his henchmen to assassinate Sathya, however, Sathya fights back. Sathya is killed by the moving vehicle after he asks Raja who he really is as well as begins chasing him again.

Sathya contacts Dr Shailaja, who rushes to Visakhapatnam to visit him, suspecting the assault had something to do with his new appearance. Shailaja admits to giving Sathya the visage of her deceased son, Charan (also Ram Charan), when they meet; she subsequently goes on to describe the events behind Charan’s death. Charan was a jovial, wealthy graduate who enjoyed spending time with his friends and fiancée, Manju (Shruti Hassan). Shashank, one of Dharma’s pals, asks him about his unlawful land acquisitions by exploiting slum dwellers. Dharma murders Shashank after being mocked, and Charan mobilises the local populace to rise against Dharma.

Dharma contacts Sharath (Raja Chembolu), another of Charan’s pals, offering to boost his political career if he betrays and murders Charan. Charan and Sharath are travelling to Vishakhapatnam for a wedding. They take the same bus as Sathya and Deepthi when they return. Sharath pulls a knife on Charan when the bus comes to a halt, as well as the two fight. Now that is clearly portrayed that Sathya got up from the chair to save Charan from becoming slain by Sharath, but that his actions were overshadowed due to his love as well as admiration for Deepthi. Only Veeru’s guys then boarded the bus.

Deepthi is slain within the bus, and Sathya is stabbed several times by Veeru’s brother Ajay, whilst Charan and Sharath’s battle leads them from the outside the bus, where they engage in a massive brawl. After killing Dharma’s henchman, Bhukka, Charan confesses that he was unable to murder Sharath since he was a buddy. Dharma stabs Charan from behind, but Charan remains confident, much to Dharma’s astonishment. Charan is subsequently fatally stabbed by Sharath and dies as a result. Shailaja receives Charan’s body and, after witnessing Sathya’s will to live, chooses to transplant her son’s face onto Sathya rather than do basic plastic surgery. Sathya had left the hospital while Shailaja could tell her about Charan.

Upon hearing the narrative, Sathya disguises herself as Charan and goes to the slum in Hyderabad with Shailaja. Sathya vows to revenge Charan’s death after seeing the villagers and witnessing their continued love for him. First, he contacts Sharath at a political gathering and convinces him to betray Dharma by using the shock of Charan seeming to be alive. The slum residents are forced to accompany Sharath to Dharma’s residence by Sathya. Sharath stabs Dharma, who then stabs Sharath to death. Dharma then assures Sathya that even if he dies, he will take Satya, whom he mistook for Charan, alongside him. He gets a sword and tries to murder Sathya, however, Sathya avoids him, and Dharma stabs the Central Minister inadvertently.

Both of them are pushed over the roof by Sathya. Just after the fall, the prime Minister dies. Eventually, Dharma is killed by the mob that has been following Sathya. Manju is then seen living inside a faraway place, lamenting Charan’s death. Sathya meets her towards the end of the movie, implying that they could marry.

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