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Why should you watch John Abraham’s Rocky Handsome?- Tap to know

by Ratan Srivastava
Rocky Handsome

Rocky Handsome, a thriller starring John Abraham, features never-before-seen fight sequences which take action to another height which the Indian public has never seen. The producers kept their promise since the movie trailer is engrossing, featuring John stealing the show by his appearance and manoeuvres. Whereas the trailer makes us swoon over rocky, there are five things about just the movie that you must understand which will help us cheer even harder on Rocky Handsome.

1. Raw Action:

The movie is largely an action thriller with just a minor love subplot wherein Shruti Hassan makes a cameo presence. It contains eight action scenes that John refers to as the “Eight Item Numbers.” The video features genuine hand-to-hand fighting, new Knife forms of art, and Tai Chi, most of which John spent over a month learning in Bangkok. To perfect his skills, he worked alongside renowned boxers. So, yes, we’re looking forward to seeing the action-packed moments which John is putting along well.

2. John’s well built Body:

 John treats his body extremely seriously. He is indeed an atheist, and that the only religious ideology he practises and holy site he goes to is the gym. So, in Rocky Handsome, John went through intensive training, having to labour and over 14 hours per day to film a half-hour segment. So, for those of you who really are going to see the film for such meat, John would not disappoint.

3. The director takes on the role of the actor:

Nishikant Kamat, a filmmaker, also stars in this movie and therefore is renowned for movies such as Drishyam as well as Mumbai Meri Jaan. In this film, he portrays a cunning antagonist. He had to shave his head for such part since he had neither any opportunity to look comparable towards the man who’d be portraying his sibling as it was an eleventh-hour choice. 

4. Action-packed and emotional:

The storey revolves around Diya Chalwad, a new young darling just on street, and John, whom she refers to as “Handsome.” Diya is indeed a gymnastic in actual situations, and she was said to have been extremely disciplined given the age on film, becoming the only one here that learned the script and dialogues by heart. Girls admire gentlemen who really are nice with children. Rocky Handsome does have a special spot in his heart for this young lady, so their sensitive and caring connection would be a joy to see.
Adorable fact: Diya lost a tooth first before the session began, but it regrew and until the conclusion of the film.

5. Remake of a Korean film:

The Man from Nowhere, a Korean movie that’s the top-earning movie of Korea in 2010, has just been licenced to be used in the movie. Again for Indian viewer’s sensitivities, we’ve tweaked the Bollywood rendition a little. To improve aesthetic appeal, a new colour scheme is employed throughout. Shades of black, deep blue, as well as blue-black was used in the final film.
Initially, John got influenced either by the film Stolen as well as wanted to produce anything really similar and then he stumbled across ‘The Man from Nowhere’ so chose to pursue that further. Indeed Rocky Handsome is a must-watch movie.

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