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What are the Top 10 Bollywood Movies of Actor Mukesh Rishi?

by Ratan Srivastava
Mukesh Rishi

Mukesh Rishi is indeed an Indian film actor that began his career in Bollywood movies before moving onto Telugu then Malayalam. He rose to prominence as a prominent dramatic actor within the 1990s, portraying both unpleasant and good parts. He is among the rare actors who just don’t communicate Telugu yet works in Telugu movies on such a routine basis. 

The following is the list of Top 10 Bollywood Movies of actor Mukesh Rishi, Take a look:

1. SARFAROSH (1999)

For his portrayal as fair policeman Salim of Sarfarosh, Mukesh Rishi got nominated for the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor award. Whenever a mobster Sultan escaped its grasp and his three policemen are murdered trying to apprehend him, Salim is harshly punished by his bosses. Cos of his religion, Salim thinks he is treated as just a second-class citizen. Ajay Rathod, a youthful IPS officer, joins a squad to look into the issue involving cross-border trafficking.

2. KHILADI 786 (2012)

Inside this action-comedy, Mukesh Rishi displayed his incredible comedic timing. He played Ikahattar Singh, Sattar Singh’s younger brother as well as Bahattar Singh’s uncle. Ikahattar Singh is indeed very devoted to his brothers, nephews, mother, as well as wedded a Chinese woman to keep her safe society. The movie was indeed a box office smash.

3. FORCE (2011)

Force movie demonstrated Mukesh Rishi’s ability to play a detrimental role in his area of profession. This time, he portrayed Reddy, a heroin dealer who now is slain by Yash’s squad, prompting Reddy’s family to seek vengeance. Just at ticket sales, the picture was a success.


Inside this movie, Mukesh Rishi plays Deshraj alias Kevada Thakur, Thakur Bhanupratap’s arch nemesis who tries to ruin Thakur Bhanupratap’s family through wedding his son inside the household. He subsequently declares the Heera Thakur is also the one who murdered his dad.

5. GUNDA (1998)

Mukesh Rishi portrayed mobster Bulla, who plots against another criminal LambuAatta within beginning and eventually kills Shankar’s family, prompting Shankar to seek vengeance.

6. ARJUN PANDIT (1999)

Mukesh Rishi got the chance to portray Ramu Kalia, a Bombay don as well as Haldiram’s competitor, thanks to Arjun Pandit. Once Arjun arrives at Mumbai in pursuit of Nisha, Haldiram sets up a scenario in which Arjun opposes Ramu Kalia. He murders Ramu Kalia within the finale.

7. INDIAN (2001)

Wasim Akram, a feared terrorist arrested by DCP Raj Shekhar Azad, was portrayed by Mukesh Rishi himself. Raj’s father-in-law as well as rich capitalists help Wasim.

8. DUM (2003)

Dum recounts the tale of an honourable fellow officer Uday who already has dedicated his life to serving as a cop. After his assignment, he learns that now the senior police officer that chose him, Raj Dutt Sharma, seems to be a sufferer of unscrupulous policeman Shankar, that abused his wife and murdered the child. Uday intends to avenge himself. Raj Dutt Sharma, portrayed by Mukesh Rishi, was a trustworthy character.


Mukesh Rishi portrayed local politician-backed mob boss Zafar Supari, whose orchestrates the relocation of police inspector Samar Singh. His thugs assault Arjun Ranawat’s sister, who instead kills him in retaliation.

10. JAAL: THE TRAP (2003)

The movie is all about the dispute throughout Kashmir, and Mukesh Rishi plays Zubed Afghani, a villain who opposes Ajay Kaul, who has been held captive by his romantic interest Neha popularly known Nusrat Rabbani. Zubed collaborates alongside Nusrat.

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