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Vakeel Saab: All you need to know about this Indian Telugu movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Vakeel Saab

Vakeel Saab is indeed a legal drama film directed and written by Venu Sriram, and produced by Dil Raju and Sirish under Sri Venkateswara Creations in collaboration with Bayview Projects in 2021. Pawan Kalyan, Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj, and Shruti Haasan appear in this adaptation of the 2016 Hindi movie Pink.

The Vakeel Saab movie’s principal filming began in Hyderabad in January 2020. S. Thaman composed the movie’s music and soundtrack. The film will be released in theatres on April 9, 2021, after being delayed due to a COVID-19 epidemic. Vakeel Saab is the highest-grossing Telugu film of the year as of May 2021.

Pallavi, Zareena, and Divya are all self-employed working women who live together. One night their car breaks down in the middle of the highway and Viswa, who is Pallavi’s friend offers them a lift. Moments later Bunty and Viswa rush Vamsi to the nearest hospital because Vamsi is bleeding from a heavy injury to his head. At the same time, the three women return to their apartment in a taxi. They look disoriented, and it is implied that they have something to do with the incident. They then try to move on from what happened that night. At the same time, a drunk and jobless Satyadev moves to a new colony and comes across these three girls.

Vamsi makes threats as he seeks retribution for the injuries Pallavi inflicted him. Zareena loses her job as a result of the threats. They are eventually discouraged from making a complaint, claiming that doing so will make their life more difficult. In actuality, the local police are aware that the guys are “well-connected” and have the support of Vamsi’s father, MP Korentla Rajendra.

Pallavi is kidnapped by Vamsi’s pals the next day. Pallavi is intimidated, blackmailed, and assaulted in a moving car before being dropped off at her house, which leaves her traumatised. She is arrested a few days later when Vamsi filed a complaint identifying the ladies as prostitutes and accusing Vamsi of attempted murder. Satyadev recommends that they get a lawyer for emergency bail. The girls are sceptical since he appears to be an alcoholic. Satyadev was subsequently discovered to be a reputable and respectable lawyer, although he was suspended for four years for injuring another lawyer in court. Satyadev’s wife died due to pregnancy problems after he was forced to leave her alone at home, forcing him to abandon his career. He subsequently declines to assist Zareena and Divya with the lawsuit, but after being assaulted by Rajendra’s men, he chooses to defend Pallavi in court.

Vamsi and Rajendra visit Advocate Nanda Gopal, who promises to take up the case since they are afraid of Satyadev. In the trial, Nanda gives the following account of what happened: Due to their cab breaking down, Vamsi and his pals assist Pallavi and her companions. They invite the women to a resort for supper and drinks because they stated that they were hungry. Provoking the guys, becoming intimate, and then demanding money are all indicators that perhaps the women are prostitutes. When Vamsi refuses to pay, Pallavi becomes furious and strikes him in the head with a bottle before fleeing. The moral nature of women is at the centre of Nanda’s argument. He criticises Pallavi for having relatives in Hyderabad but preferring to live alongside her pals.

The guys attempted to sexually attack Pallavi and her companions, according to Pallavi and her friends. Pallavi assaulted Vamsi with the bottle in self-defence when he attempted to rape her. Satyadev’s argument is around consent and a woman’s freedom to refuse. In the days ahead, there will be a succession of tense courtroom arguments. Zareena is prompted by Nanda at the conclusion of the trial to claim that she grabbed the money from the guys, sparking a commotion in the courtroom. Satyadev, on the other hand, does not give up and infuriates Vamsi, prompting him to expose the truth, claiming that the ladies “received what they deserved.”

Satyadev attacks society’s regressive ideas, which stereotype women as prostitutes if they come home late, move out, desire to be independent, drink, and so on, yet none of these stereotypes applies to males. He ends by stating that his client has responded “NO.” No means no, and it doesn’t need to be explained further. Satyadev and the women are assaulted on the train the next day by Siva, but Satyadev fights them off and they return to the court. The ladies are then acquitted, but Vamsi, Bunty, and Siva are accused and awaiting trial, while Viswa is given a warning. Satyadev chooses to return to his career when the case is resolved in order to assist ordinary people with their problems.

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