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Brothers: All you need to know about this sports drama movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Brothers is indeed a 2015 Bollywood sports drama film directed by Karan Malhotra as well as produced by Dharma Productions, Lionsgate Films, & Endemol India, inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It features Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra within major roles, along with Jacqueline Fernandez, Jackie Shroff, and Shefali Shah in supporting parts. This is an official remake of the 2011 American movie Warrior. This movie’s first look poster was unveiled on March 9, 2015, as well as the movie, was released on August 14, 2015, over Independence Day weekend.

The movie begins in the present tense, with a discussion of street violence in Mumbai. Peter Braganza (Kiran Kumar), the sports chairman, announces his intention to make street fighting a legitimate sport and establishes the Right 2 Fight league (R2F). Meanwhile, Garson “Gary” Fernandes (Jackie Shroff), a recovering alcoholic and former MMA specialist who is currently undergoing rehabilitation, gets freed from prison, and his younger son Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) arrives to pick him up. When Monty’s father inquires about his older son David and takes him to their house, he becomes agitated. At home, Gary guards the possessions of his late wife, Maria, who died many years ago. David (Akshay Kumar), now a physics teacher, has a renal problem with his daughter.

He begins to make money through street fights since he is unable to obtain funds from the bank or other sources. He was once a talented MMA fighter when he was younger. Jenny (Jacqueline Fernandez), his wife, is anxious about David as a result of this. Meanwhile, Gary, who misses his wife Maria (Shefali Shah), begins to have hallucinations about her and assaults a mirror in self-hatred over how he ruined his family. Monty runs to the side of the road to console his father, understanding how much he regrets his actions.

Gary then attempts to see David, but the latter ejects Monty and Gary from his home in a frenzy after Gary meets his granddaughter and discovers that David named her Maria.

Monty is revealed to be Gary’s illegitimate kid in a flashback. Despite this, Maria adored Monty, just as she adored David. Until David was 18 and Monty was 15, the two brothers enjoyed a close and loving connection. Gary returned home intoxicated on the night of Monty’s 15th birthday, apologising to Maria for ruining the family, but mentioning his lover Sarah’s name instead of Maria’s. Maria became furious and confronted Gary about it. Gary was inebriated when he attacked Maria, who was wounded by banging her head on the furniture and died. When Monty approached Maria, who stretched out to him before passing away, David violently shoved him away, feeling both his father and half-brother equally guilty for his mother’s death. This is what caused Gary, Monty, and David to fall out.

When principal Shobhit Desai (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) learns about David’s involvement in street fighting, he loses his position at school.

Monty (Ashutosh Rana), who aspires to be a fighter, is introduced to Suleiman Pasha (Ashutosh Rana), a fighting agent who used to train with Gary. Monty is beaten in a match set up by Suleiman with Mustafa. Gary is enraged, but Monty requests a rematch with Mustafa, which he gets after listening to his father’s advice and being named an R2F fighter by Peter. Monty becomes an internet sensation after the fight is videotaped and uploaded to YouTube. Monty undergoes training to become the R2F champion. Meanwhile, David, too, decides to be a full-time fighter, and Jenny encourages him to do so.

Suleiman is first sceptical of David but sets up a game while Monty celebrates his triumph at a pub. After convincing Suleiman of his real abilities, David wins the battle and is admitted into R2F. R2F makes its grand entrance and quickly becomes a phenomenon, with fighters from all around the world expressing interest in the league. Monty has a good chance of victory until he faces Luca, a fighter known for knocking out his opponents, but he defeats him in a total knockout, stunning the audience and advancing to the finals. Meanwhile, David, the underdog, devises a strategy to outlast his opponents and get to the semi-finals.

There, he battles Hammer, an aggressive fighter who injures Gary by kicking the cage. In response, David assaults Hammer viciously, and he, too, advances to the finals. The brothers are now the finals after defeating their last opponents, and their identities as siblings are disclosed to the world, resulting in enormous media coverage for the R2F.

Gary exits the arena, feeling bad about his boys fighting instead of enjoying each other as a result of his error. Jenny, David’s pupils, and everyone at Suleiman’s fight club are all watching the contest, which has turned nasty because to the brothers’ bitter hatred. When Gary witnesses the battle, he returns to the arena. Monty shows dominating in striking and puts in cheap blows to insult David. David fractures Monty’s shoulder during the battle, which worries him because Monty refuses to give up. Gary runs up to the cage, apologising for his errors and warning David not to aim his rage towards his brother. Despite David’s pleas to quit, Monty continues to fight. Monty is put in a rear-naked chokehold by David, who urges him not to struggle anymore.

Monty, but on the other hand, urges David to keep choking him since David is selfish and has never considered how Monty felt that night, reminding him that Maria is also his mother and that he is lonely without her and David in his life. David breaks down in tears as he realises how much sorrow he has caused his brother, and Monty agrees to let David win the title. David cradles Monty in his arms, and the two brothers go backstage, reunited.

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