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Aao Wish Karein: All you need to know about this movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Aao Wish Karein

Glen Barreto helmed Aao Wish Karein, a 2009 Bollywood fantasy drama movie. Aftab Shivdasani as well as Aamna Shariff play the major parts inside the movie. It was published on November 13th, 2009.

Anupama Chopra awarded it 0.5 out of five stars in her NDTV review “All I asked for was a passably brilliant movie, which Aao Wish Karein failed to provide. Keep a safe distance “. The Times of India’s Nikhat Kazmi awarded it two out of five stars.’s Taran Adarsh awarded the film 1.5 out of 5 stars, saying that it has some charming moments but not enough to save it and that it is far from a fairy tale.

This is obviously a big deal for Aftab Shivdasani. With Aao Wish Karein, he takes on the role of producer. While this is a beginning in the right direction, the ultimate result does not turn to be the adventurous actor’s fairy tale debut. This is due to the movie’s inability to determine its target demographic. Is it a family film or is it aimed for the bada log? If that’s the case, the video has much too much baba log (the children’s track is far too lengthy) and far too little adult material. As a result, the picture teeters on the edge of no man’s land.

The narrative is set in a lovely hill village and seeks to untangle the difficulties in the life of a little kid (Aftab Shivdasani) who grows up overnight into an adult and can really serenade the woman he loves (Aamna Sharif). So he sings with her, feeds her fries and burgers, gives her a toy vehicle, asks her to play on his PlayStation, and greets her in Spiderman slippers. The girl, a plain hill lass, has no idea what’s going on and simply thinks he’s cute. She even persuades him to marry her and waits for him at the altar, complete with veil and all. Will the groom-to-be, who is both a child and an adult, comply?

That is a significant question… Clearly influenced by Tom Hanks’ 1988 Oscar-nominated picture (Big), the movie misses the spice that makes Penny Marshal’s movie one such event memorable. In addition, Aftab as well as Aamna’s romance is extremely Thanda. Is it a desire or a thoda?

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