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Stunning Bollywood Divas Light Up the Screen in Ethereal White Dresses

by Aruna Purve

Bollywood divas are captivated by the allure of white dresses, displaying their affection for this chic trend. Whether it’s dazzling on the red carpet or keeping it casual, these leading ladies effortlessly rock white ensembles.

  1. Alia Bhatt: Alia Bhatt looked stunning in a white dress paired with a blazer, radiating pure elegance. The combination highlighted her natural beauty and sense of style flawlessly.
  2. Alaviaa Jaaferi: Alaviaa Jaaferi looked radiant and lively in a white corset frock, emanating a youthful vibe. The crisp white attire perfectly complemented her vibrant personality, making her stand out with flair.
  3. Ananya Panday: Ananya Panday looked absolutely adorable in a sizzling short dress paired with sneakers, showcasing her playful and trendy style. The combination of the chic dress and casual sneakers added a touch of fun and youthfulness to her look.
  4. Kriti Sanon: Kriti Sanon looked absolutely stunning in a white dress paired with high heels, exuding elegance and grace. The combination of the flowing white dress and stylish heels accentuated her beauty and sophistication.
  5. Sara Ali Khan: Sara Ali Khan looked radiant in a simple yet elegant white top dress, showcasing her effortless beauty. The understated charm of the dress perfectly complemented her natural glow, highlighting her radiant persona

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