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5 Characters We Wish Had a Longer Screentime in Bollywood

by Aruna Purve

Bollywood films and series often introduce us to captivating characters whose presence on screen leaves us craving for more. Whether it’s their charisma, depth, or unique portrayal, some characters simply steal the spotlight, leaving audiences wanting to delve deeper into their stories. Here’s a list of five such characters we wish had been given more screen time to shine:

Vijay Varma- Gully Boy
Vijay Varma’s portrayal of Moeen in “Gully Boy” left a lasting impression with his charismatic and complex character. His dynamic performance added layers to the narrative, making us want to know more about his life beyond the limited screen time.

Fardeen Khan – Heeramandi
Fardeen Khan’s role as the rich Nawab of Lahore in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Heeramandi” intrigued audiences with its depth and sophistication. Despite his intriguing presence, his character could have been explored further to unveil more about his backstory and motivations.

Aamir Ali- Lootere
Aamir Ali’s portrayal of an undercover agent in Hansal Mehta’s “Lootere” left viewers on the edge of their seats. He effortlessly showcased his potential of delivering compelling performances, making us want more screen time to witness his character’s journey unfold.

Chhaya Kadam – Laapataa Ladies
Chhaya Kadam’s portrayal of Manju Mai in “Laapataa Ladies” added a unique blend of laughter and edge to the show. Her character brought a refreshing energy to the narrative, and we would have loved to see more of her impactful presence on screen.

Deepak Kumar Mishra- Permanent Roommates
Deepak Kumar Mishra’s character in “Permanent Roommates” resonated with audiences through his relatable and endearing portrayal. His presence added depth to the series, and exploring his character further would have undoubtedly enriched the storytelling experience.

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