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What did director Adam Randall die from?

by Ratan Srivastava
Adam Randall

Adam Randall, who served 12 years in jail before his conviction for such murder of just a Dallas police officer was overturned primarily due to evidence discovered by the a filmmaker, died in obscurity in Washington Court House, Ohio, in October. He was 61 years old at the time.

Mr. Adams had opted to live a peaceful life detached from his background, and his death from with a brain tumour on Oct. 30, 2010, was barely reported locally, according to his lawyer, Randy Schaffer. The death was publicly reported for the first time on Friday.

“The Thin Blue Line,” directed by Errol Morris as well as released in 1988, was a pivotal picture for Mr. Adams. It detailed a horrible account and was instrumental in Mr. Adams’ release the following year.

When Mr. Adams was released, Mr. Morris stated, “We’re not talking about a police killer who gets out with a technicality.” “We’re dealing with an out-of-this-world horror.” On November 27, 1976, the tale began. Mr. Adams was strolling along a Dallas street after his automobile ran out of petrol when David Ray Harris, a teenager in a stolen car, approached him and offered him a ride. They spent the day drinking, smoking pot, and watching movies at a drive-in theatre.

Robert Wood, a Dallas police officer, was shot and murdered shortly after midnight while stopping a vehicle for a traffic infraction. Mr. Harris was the target of the inquiry, and he implicated Mr. Adams of the murder. Mr. Adams was convicted in 1977 after other witnesses supported his evidence.

Mr. Adams challenged his death sentence by lethal injection, however, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals refused to reverse it. On May 8, 1979, he was slated to be executed.

The United States Supreme Court imposed a stay three days before the execution, citing the exclusion of prospective jurors who were uncomfortable with the death penalty during jury selection, despite their explicit statements that they would follow Texas law.

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