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Is Hollywood Bigger Than Bollywood?

by Ratan Srivastava

The answer to this question depends on what basis are we considering the reason of the given question of is Hollywood bigger than Bollywood. So we have decided that we will consider the Box office revenue collection to figure out the answer.

The consider some famous movies from both the industries and their box office revenues. So lets take Hollywood movies like Avatar and Titanic for instance-

Avatar crossed 10 cr footfalls in just the United States ( We did not consider the Overseas collection). Similarly, when we talk about the movie Titanic it did a total collection of 600+ million US Dollars, and the average ticket price when the movie released was 4.75 USD, which comes out to approx 125 million.

On the other hand while considering the Bollywood movies such as 3 Idiots and Dangal, which are considered the biggest hits in the industry. The gross number of 3 Idiots is 260 Cr and Dangal movie has 460 Cr respectively. 3 Idiots has 2.6 cr footfalls and Dangal had 3.4 cr footfalls. Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Dhoom 3, etc are in the same ballpark.

If we consider adding overseas Hollywood numbers then comparing with Bollywood we just are too impartial so we just can’t compare it. (The Margin of Magnitude will be too very less when compared will Bollywood, the numbers of Hollywood Overseas). Even if we add the repeat telecast of the TV ratings of Bollywood movie releases, even then it cannot match the Hollywood Hits theatrical release numbers.

So, this simply gives us the answer as to why is Hollywood Bigger Than Bollywood. As the Bollywood watching audience in the respectively country India is too less when compared with the Hollywood because there is not much expendable income for people to go and watch movies in Theatres or even accessing OTT platforms to watch movies.

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