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Most Stylish Heroine in Bollywood?

by Ratan Srivastava
Stylish Actress

Talking about the most stylish heroine in Bollywood, What is the first name that comes to your mind first? It is not so difficult question, right or wrong? Considering the answer as wrong (just in case), then we will make it simple for you by delivering the right answer just in case of doubt.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is the RIGHT answer, as she is the first one that comes to mind when talking about fashion in Bollywood. She has brought a revolution in fashion by experimenting with new style forms. Her style is always mesmerizing as well as unique.

She is a fashionista and the outfits she chose for her wedding festivities are proof of them.
She has a very good taste and choice in outfits and she so correctly knows what should be worn when
Sonam has a very big advantage in her sister Rhea Kapoor as her stylist. They never fail to surprise us and wow us with their sartorial choices.

Her Instagram account is proof that how stylish she is and how much effort she puts into fashion!
The Neerja star has also worn some top labels as well as clothes of new upcoming designers.
But what she lacks in comparison to others is that she looks quite the same in all the outfits, she wears and grace and elegance are what she lacks.

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